Thursday, May 28, 2009

Fame and Fortune Await

Yes, fame and fortune await for me.  I will be a co-host on The Runners Roundtable podcast on August 5th.   I suggested to my friend, Steve Runner, creator of podcast Phedipidations and co-creator of The Runners Roundtable podcast, that a fun show would be Dean Hebert and his book about running excuses.  Steve thought it was an excellent idea and now, surprisingly, I now find myself being a co-host of that episode instead of heckling Dean through the TalkShoe chatroom.  They even asked for a bio from me.  FROM ME!!  How do I write a bio....injury prone runner from sweaty Arizona????

Earlier this week, before learning of my prominent future fame, I started thinking about my accomplishments.  Not accomplishments in the sense that I graduated from college and other stuff but accomplishments of being mentioned in Podcasts.

I would have to go back through and listen to various podcasts to find the exact episodes of Phedipidations but I have been mentioned in 4, maybe 5 episodes of Phedipidations.  See, I'm a shamelessly confessed groupie of Phedipidations and love listening to the podcast.  My boyfriend doesn't  understand how I can manage to laugh so hard I'm in tears when telling him about the bag of rocks episode.  He doesn't quite understand why we have to listen to my favorite episode as part of my pre-race routine.  Phedipidations was the first podcast I found 3 years ago (and probably the only running podcast at that time)  when I caught the running bug and although I've never met Steve, I consider him my friend and he has helped me learn a lot about running.

Another podcast I have been mentioned in is the Runners Round Table.  In episode 21 in March 2009, I was thanked by Ben creator of for helping test a new website  Ben sent me the link and for about a week I tried to break the website sending multiple emails complete with screen shots that were full of  bugs and suggestions.  I am a fan of both websites and use them on a regular basis to track my workouts and keep in touch with my runner friends.

Another accomplishment I've had is helping Dean edit his two books, "Coach, I didn't run because...Excuses not to Run" and "Runners Take Your Mark: The Parents' Guide to Youth Track and Field".  I've also reviewed his free e-book on focus (found at

I'm also working, although not actively, on documentation for how to use  I go in spurts working on it and then stop...its time for me to focus on that again.

And finally, I'm reviewing and giving Dean feedback on his newest e-book about Goals.  You can read some of my initial comments in some of my previous blogs.  As I mentioned before, its really cool seeing a book take shape and how even a cynical attitude can be beneficial.

I realize the probability of any fame and fortune coming out of co-hosting one episode is slim, but I will be excited to be included in another podcast.


Anonymous said...

You're a star in my book.... LOL. :-)

Drusy said...

Fame...well, that's relative. Fortune - not a chance! Yeah, my husband teases me about Steve, too. But admits that Steve's non-running podcasts (Inde Pdip and RRT Wine) were some of the best that I've put on the playlist for our campervan trips. I'm really looking forward to the Runners Excuses RRT!

Lesley said...

Congrats on the co-hosting gig! I look forward to hearing it!

Have you ever considered doing a podcast of your own?

Christina said...

LOL. No, I've never considered doing a podcast. I'm too happy listening and learning from other people.