Thursday, August 6, 2009


It is so wonderful to be running again. Besides an occasional twinge in my hip, usually after sitting in the car for a long time, I'm feeling good. If I'm able to do my long run on Saturday of 8 miles, I'll be at 19 miles for the week which is the most I've run for awhile.

Tonight I ran hills with the other members of RxRunning. The hill I ran up tonight is at South Mountain and is about 900 meters to the top. South Mountain is over 16,000 acres and is one of the largest city parts in the nation. Although there are 51 miles of trails, we run up and down the road to the trails on asphalt. The road is not overly steep but a steady incline. I ran a total of 4 hills with 2 being warmup/cool down. I was pleased with the 2 solid hills I got in but I forgot how hard they are. Naturally the first hill repeat went well since I was warmed up and not tired yet. The second one I started the negative self-talk saying "I just don't have it in me tonight" I recognized the negative talk and realized with that kind of talk I would "not have it in me". After scolding myself I told myself "I do have it in me" and continued to charge up the hill. The second repeat was 10 seconds slower but I still ran it strong and pushed myself.

Hill Repeat 1 4:55
Hill Repeat 2 5:05

Next week on Thursday are hills at "A" Mountain. Woohoo!

Happy Running!

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sneakersister said...

Hills are hard, but so worth it! Well done Christina. That sounds like a great park to have nearby.