Thursday, August 6, 2009

Runners Round Table

Yesterday I was a co-host on the podcast Runners Roundtable and had a blast. Coach Dean was the guest speaker talking about his book "Coach, I didn't Run because...Excuses not to Run and how to Overcome Them". The podcast is recorded live using Talkshoe and people can listen and also sign into the chat. Its cool to watch the conversation going on in the chat room while the show is going on. I don't know if I'll actually listen to the show because I'm afraid to hear what I sounded like and where I tripped up over my words.

There were 5 of us on the show, Steve Runner, Drusy, Steve in AK, DirtDawg and Coach Dean. DirtDawg just finished a 100 mile race and it was fascinating to hear about his race. I'm looking forward to reading his race report on his blog. He said that it took him 7 years to get to it. I wonder if in 7 years I'll have the desire to run 100 miles for 27+ hours. Amazing!

The show actually helped get me out the door this morning for a bike ride. I got up on time and sat around all dressed and ready to go except for the drive to actually get out the door. I thought back on the show on how I was making excuses and finally my boyfriend said that I should go otherwise I'd be depressed (which was one of the reasons I wasn't leaving for my bike ride). I am glad that I went and feel much better. Someone in the chat room yesterday said they are never upset afterward that they did go for their run but they are if they miss it.

Be sure to download the show and think about your own excuses that you make.

Happy Running!


Anonymous said... were very good during the round table...


Ashland Dave said...

looking forward to listening to the round table podcast!

Ashland Dave

Lesley said...

I've listened to part of this episode, and it's fun to hear you on there! :) Looking forward to hearing the rest.