Sunday, June 13, 2010

Summer Series Race #2 - 5K

Today was the second of the summer series races put on by the Arizona Road Racers (ARR).  Only 20 minutes from my house in Horse Lovers Park in Phoenix, the race was on sandy trail and shaded for much of the course.  The weather was a cool 67 when I left the house and only 74 on my way back.  Considering last weekend was 110, this weekend being in the high 80's is a true blessing.  Stealing shamelessly AJH  race format from the blog Age Group Rocks, here is my race recap.

  • Loved the shaded course and running on the trail
  • Saw Coach Dean and am thankful he drove all the way from Mesa.  At mile 3 he was at the turn and yelled at me to quit watching my watch and just run. 
  • Talked briefly to the guy cutting off my chip because he had an IMS Arizona Marathon shirt on.  He happened to be the race director for the half marathon.  I told him I qualified for Boston at the full but I probably wouldn't run it in 2011 because I'll be training for Boston.  
  • The kids and walkers at the start really should be asked to start further back.  I heard one girl had fallen; hopefully she's ok.
  • Wanting to run faster than I did.  I don't have the pep in my legs and don't know how I'll beat my PR at this rate.  In order to run faster I have to practice running faster.  I need to get out to the track and also lose some of the this extra weight.  I'll be coming up with a plan soon to help me with that goal.
  • Time was exactly the same as my last 5K of 23:38.  I did feel better than the last one but was hoping because of the cooler weather that I would do a little better.
  • Splits 7:28, 7:29, 7:42 (!)
  • 248 person out of 807 runners
  • 40 out of 261 females; 5 out of 54 in my age group
  • On my warmup I ran the course and the cool air and shaded trail made it as awesome run.
  • I love seeing other runners that I know at races.  


ajh said...

Hey I love that you stole something from my blog. I am about to steal from Alisa for my 100th post!

misszippy said...

Sounds like a great race and you did an awesome job! The PR will come...

misszippy said...

Just saw your questions on my blog--I write both for the logistics industry (dull but pays well) and running/triathlon pubs (fun but pays not so well). As to running clients--I am a certified running coach and train people who are just getting started to those running their first marathon, those who want to PR at a distance, and anything in between.

joyRuN said...

Guess I should stop whining about running with weather in the 80s around here ;)

Katie A. said...

Not too shabby of a race girly - be proud! And glad the weather cooperated for you!

lindsay said...

Congrats on your 5k! Unfortunately they can't all be PR's but I know you have one up your sleeve. Looking forward to your plan to drop a few--I need to do the same and need motivation/ideas/anything!!

Adam said...

Wow, 800 runners. Man, ARR knows how to pack them in!