Sunday, July 4, 2010

Summer Series Race #3 - 4 Miler

What a great way to start the 4th of July...running a 4 mile race in the Summer Series Race #3. I've never raced a 4 miler before so it would be an automatic PR regardless of how I did.  Standing at the starting line I had to do some mental adjustments. I was not in a racing mood. The problems with my rentals have been constant this week fraying my ability to see the bigger picture.

The race started in waves...6 min miles, 7 min, etc. With my goal to run in the 7:30, I started with the 7 min wave. Starting in waves allows the crowd to thin out and the weaving is minimized. In my typical tradition, I went out fast but feel good that I raced the first 2-3 miles and the last mile I still ran hard.  

Obviously I'm not the guy directly in the picture but I am close behind him with the white shorts, black top

  • Having an overall good race. My average pace at 7:26, was faster than my 2 previous 5K's of 7:35.
  • Seeing Jan, Kyle and Dean
  • Pushing it at the end to try and hold off someone.
  • First time running a 4 mile race giving me a new PR.
  • The course had rolling bumps, too small to be considered hills, and I ran them strong.  See hill training does help.
  • A muscle man in a yellow shirt that had the worst BO.  Lucky shirt or not, wash the clothes once in a while. 
  • Being passed in the last second by the guy I was trying to hold off.
  • 4 miles in 29:46; 7:26 min pace
  • 173rd out of 710 runners
  • 5th in my age group out of 47
  • Splits 7:07,7:21,7:32. 7:42
  • As I mentioned, I wasn't mentally prepared for this. I guess I didn't take it serious and prepare. Multiple times through the 30 minutes I had to refocus. When I was thinking of a topic that wasn't on the race, I had to bring myself back to the present moment.
  • Around mile 3 I was racing along side another gal.  I was a step in front and found myself saying to myself she can have it, go ahead.  I caught myself and said I could do it. I felt her give and was able to pull ahead. She did pass me with half mile to go but I'm proud of the mental toughness I had.
  • Having a faster pace than my last 2 - 5K's is a confidence booster. While I didn't know this while I was running, it feels good afterwards.
Group picture.  Chris, Kyle, me, Jan, Kimmie, Nicole, Patrick, Josh (in front)

  • For 4th of July there was a full-on BBQ, hamburger, chips, watermelon.  It was too early for a hamburger but the watermelon was awesome.
  • Cooling down with Jan, Kyle, Dean and some kids from Mesquite high school where Dean coaches.


RunningLaur said...

Hi Christina, just found your blog through Adam and wanted to say hi. Congrats on the (automatic) PR today - it's awesome that you were able to run through the hills and feel strong!

ajh said...

I just read another post about amazing watermelon and I posted about it recently. I hope it is a trend!

Great job on your pace. It is truly awesome. I am apt to say oh let them pass. I will try to pick up some of your mental toughness!

Jamoosh said...

First, excellent race! Second, it's never too early for a hamburger!

Johann said...

Excellent time, well done! I must admit I never really care about the runners around me and don't always notice if someone passes me or I pass someone. I just survive my own battle.

Ashland Dave said...

I like the new look of your blog.

Shelly said...

Great job on the run. I had the same issue with a stinky man or two. Why is it always the guys? It did motivate me to pass them!

Adam said...

Way to finish STRONG in the heat!!!!

I've found that after one of these ARR races, there is NOTHING better than watermelon.

Staci Dombroski said...

Man I would love those times!! Way to go :)

Sarah Heinle said...

You did great. It sounds like in the end you had a good time.