Sunday, May 29, 2011

National Nude Hiking Day - June 21

There are national days for EVERYTHING.  Just a few are prayer, silence, listening, unplugging,  reason (?!?), bird, popcorn, hugging, hat, buttercrunch, and don't forget National Day of Running on June 1st.   Hallmark has more opportunities to sell cards and can include National Nude Hiking Day on June 21st, in their lineup of cards.    Imagine the pictures you'd see on their cards...ok, don't do that.

There are websites hiking naked including where there are profile pictures of the members and are their butts.  There's also and an interesting hike recap of a nude hiker  The author says "Despite a full frontal view of my genitals, fully exposed and bobbling as I approached them, I was much more aware and concerned of their responding body language than conscious of my own state of appearance"

I've never been hiking nude and don't think I'll start on June 21st either.  I'm not sure my reaction if I saw a nude hiker.  Embarrassment? Amusement? Admiration?

Have you ever hiked in the nude?  I know there are nude races but I've never done one of those either.  How about you?

Happy Running!


Ewa said...

I have never hiked naked but I would not mind if other people did. Check this out

Adrienne said...

I think I'm a no go on the nude hiking're welcome other hikers :)

Black Knight said...

I didn't know about this possibility. Do I miss anything?