Saturday, September 3, 2011

How Quickly Things Change

Yesterday I was looking forward to Ragnar Napa and today I'm sulking because I'm not running it. 2 weeks ago I signed up for a boot camp.  During the little running sprints I felt a tightness in my calf and naturally kept doing the exercises with the little sprints and ran the mile home.  I took the next 5 days off to let the calf rest.  On Monday I went to track to run with Bart Yasso  and rather than run my own pace, I tried to keep up with another, faster runner and the calf tightness came back.  5 days later, this morning, I tried to run again thinking it had been 5 days and although the sensation still existed I went for a run.  Within half a mile I knew the run was over and it wasn't just a tight calf.

Coach Dean replied to my pitiful email with the following reply
Probably not a leg cramp.. probably a muscle strain. Ice. Heat before doing activities. Stay on the what you can.. control... heat, workout, don't run, do strength work.. ice
A "strain" didn't seem too bad until I Googled it and found that it's actually a muscle tear and depending on the reference site recovery is 4-12 weeks.  I called Dean and talked to him about Ragnar and he said absolutely not.   I wasn't expecting that at all even though  from what I read I knew he was right.   My low-grade strain could turn into something bigger and take even longer to heal.  My goal is to get running as soon as possible.   Regardless, it is still very tough to pull out of a race that I had been looking forward to and planning for for months.  I feel like I have let the team down but at least they have 2 weeks to find a replacement.

Dean did say to exercise and do what I can unless it aggravates the calf.  Use the elliptical, hike, bike, whatever I can do.  This is good news because last Monday there was a cancellation for Havasupi and I get to go with backpacking next weekend with my brothers.  I am worried the calf will hurt or get worse but if I'm not running on it I should be ok, right?  RIGHT?

I clung to the statement from Dean's email DO WHAT I CONTROL.  Dean and I have many conversations about mental toughness, choosing thoughts and thereby choosing happiness.  Do what I can control is something I can focus on.  I can control my thoughts and how much I wallow in my new injury.  I know I need to switch up my attitude and make better choices eating while I heal and stay positive and in the present.

So there you go.  How quickly things change.

Happy Running!


Johann said...

Oh Christina I'm so sorry to hear this. Stay positive and recover the smart way. Thinking of you!

The Green Girl said...

Oh, no! I'm so sorry to hear this. ::hugs:: I wish you a very speedy recovery, girl!

Angela said...

Ugh...injuries suck, especially right before a race you're really looking forward to. Sorry to hear it.

You're right to try to focus on what you can control and on taking care of your body in the long-term. Best of luck recovering!

Mandie said...

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Black Knight said...

I am very very sorry. I wish a speedy recover. Think positive and find an alternative activity.
A big hug from Italy.