Thursday, October 20, 2011


One of my goals is to break 22 minutes in the 5K.  Just writing down that goal isn't enough and I'm to a point where I will actually train towards it.  I wrote down that goal two years ago and thought through normal running and weekly speed work I could hit the goal.  So far that hasn't been the case but I have a plan.  I always have a plan.

On Monday's I'm going to run with RxRunning at the track where they do shorter distances in speedwork.  Last week was 600,400,300,200,100 at 5K, mile, 800,800 and as fast as you could go pace, respectively.  This weeks workout was 400's at 5K pace with 60 second rest.  What was great about the workout is I ran 1:41-1:45 for 12 400's and the final two Coach Dean ran with me and I hit 1:34 both times.  He was very adamant for me to NOT look at my watch and run by feel.  I use the watch to pull back and say 'I'm running too fast' and regulate myself to a slower more comfortable pace. For two laps I didn't and I was amazed at how fast I ran the 400's.  Granted, it hurt but I still ran them faster than I have.   Just imagine...if I can run 1:40's consistently (I can't do 1:34's all the time) and that becomes normal I'm closer to being able to run 7 minute miles during a 5K and hit my goal.

On Tuesday's I'll run with the ARR group where we run longer distances, ie 1000's but at a 5K goal race pace of 1:45's a lap.  I'll also take the full 4-5 minute rest between intervals.

So that's the night of  fast speed work 5K or faster and the next night of goal paced running.   I'll string it all together and run a 5K in November/December.  I don't expect to hit 22 min that soon but I have roughly 5 months through April of awesome winter running that I will continue improving and work on hitting my goal.

Happy Running!


trifitmom said...

sounds awesome can do it

Johann said...

That plan will work and you will get that goal for sure. I love planning and always have a plan as well. Have a super weekend!

Beth said...

I HATE HATE HATE speed work but it works so I am getting back to next week too. Good luck, can't wait to hear how it goes!

Giorgio said...

4.24 min./km on 5 km is a good average pace! Of course you'll reach that goal :)
I'm curious to know if your workout works well!

Have a nice running weekend!

misszippy said...

That is the perfect approach to a fast 5k! You've got it.

Black Knight said...

A very good plan. The speedwork is the best way to reach your goal.
I am thinking to do the same for a 5km I will run in Cardiff in february. I have many different scheduled programs to improve my speed in the short distances.
Good luck.