Saturday, March 14, 2009


I was truly dreading my Thursday evening workout...6 x 800's. The last track workout I did was about a month ago, was "only" 5 x 800's and left me feeling sick to my stomach by running so hard. The self doubt of could I do 6, could I maintain the pace, etc. crept in. Not only did doubt sneak in about the workout but also about the marathon. Being in the future and not staying in the present moment certainly doesn't benefit me. Luckily the anticipation was worse than the activy itself. I ran the first one and felt good. I didn't run it too so fast so I wasn't miserable and thought I can do this. Although I could have done the whole workout a little faster, my pace was consistent and I finished the workout strong and with a good attitude. Had I tried to take the 800's faster and not finished strong it wouldn't have added to my running confidence.

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