Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Missing cat? Look in the Tipi

Yesterday morning I’m leaving the house and I do my cat count. 
I think, crap did Kali get outside without me knowing it (frequently happens). 
I check the tipi and there she is.  Sleeping inside the tipi

I’m now free to go to work.

p.s. yes, I meant to spell it as Tipi instead of teepee because the company that made the cool teepee is Cat Tipi.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Mom, What's this needle doing in my head. AGAIN?

Helping prove the statistics that people spend lots of money on their pets, I continue to get Sundae acupuncture every 3-4 months.  With the scare when my cat sundae quit eating, I want to keep her healthy and happy.  Well happy maybe an overstatement because she's still just a pissy towards her sister. 

Today I brought my neighbor, a future vet, to the appointment.  She was awesome cuddling with Sundae and giving Sundae a spot to curl up into. 

People look at me very strange when I say I'm going to the vet to get my cat acupuncture.  They think I should be terrified of being clawed to death.  I talked in a previous post about the benefits of acupuncture and how Sundae acted and she really doesn't mind it.  She HATES the car ride to the vet but on the way home she is much calmer, quieter and only meows a couple times.

When Dr. Jacquie from Alta Vista Animal Hospital put the first two needles in, Sundae quit purring and Dr. Jacquie said she'd have to turn the purr back on, which was a needle in the forehead. Sure enough, with the needle in the forehead, Sundae started purring again.

So we're at home and Sundae is quite lazy and only hissed at her sister once.  Ahhh, the wonders of acupuncture.  Thanks Dr. Jacquie.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

ARR Summer Series 5K Race

In the summer when most people in Arizona lock themselves in air conditioned buildings,we crazy runners go out an run races.  Arizona Road Racers (ARR) puts on 5K races every year and calls them the summer series.  For only $50, you can run 5 races, get a run in early and have a blast.

Jacquie and I get a big kick out of being twins (I know.....super stupid) and dressed in our yellow adventure run shirts and hot pick socks. To get extra mileage in we arrived early for a 2 mile warmup and enjoyed checking out the new course through the Gilbert Riparian preserve.  

The narrow course path dictated a wave start for the 5K and Jacquie lined up with the 7min/mile group and I lined up with the 8 min/mile group.  Even with the wave start it was congested the first 1/2 mile. People around me must have thought I was crazy. With Jacquie being in front of me, when the course doubled back, I yelled WOO HOO to her.  When I passed Spiderman, I couldn't help myself and had to sing the spider-man song.

Spider-man, spider-man
does whatever a spider can
spins a web, anysize 
catches thieves just like flies

At this point spider-man corrects me.  Catches RUNNERS he says

Look out.  
Here comes the spider-man

Considering my fitness, I was pleased with my time and VERY surprised to hear I placed 2nd in my age group.  The ARR series has very serious and fast runners and I never would have placed in prior races with my time. I guess the fast women in my age group just didn't show up today.  Jacquie, got first in her age group and we hung around to get our AG awards.   

The 45-50 female age group was called and Jacquie was #1 and since I just turned 45, I was #2.  We had no idea we were in the same age group. The announced even commented we dressed the same so it was quite hilarious seeing our reactions realizing we were in the same age group and wearing the same outfit.

What an awesome morning.

Happy Running!

Friday, May 9, 2014

X Rated Eggplant

Not sure what's been happening when the lights are out in the garden but this black beauty has something on it's mind.  

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Ragnar Relay Del Sol- Team Rock Solid for Solid Rock

A little more than one week before Ragnar Relay Del Sol, I joined a team of complete strangers. Having run many Ragnars with strangers, I wasn't worried about it.  I knew 30ish hours with other runners could only end in friendship.

Ragnar Del Sol runs from Wickenburg, to Buckeye, back up to Surprise and Cave Creek, over to Fountain Hills and down to Tempe.  Lots of miles, laughs, food and in and out of the van.

The team captain, Kevin, was a Ragnar virgin and I worried about over stepping my boundaries. I've learned some things over my 12 Ragnars, team and van captain experiences and wanted to share but not be overbearing.  I can be a control freak at times, especially about 'the spreadsheet' and runners paces.  It's important to me that during the race to have an idea of when someone is expected to come in.  This helps the other runners and the other van to know when they will be running.  I've had some horror stories (like the gal who ran 12 min miles but said she would run 8:30's).

Kev, despite the fact of being a CPA (which are usually anal control freaks), was quite relaxed.  The relaxed disposition could have something to do with the fact he had a stent put in only the month before.  It was ok though since we had a doctor with a complete pharmacy on board.  Kevin is going to get a huge doctor bill from Doctor Gary for the 30 hour continual monitoring and the double time billing for all the questions I asked him and the eye liner re-application I required of Doctor Gary.

Our team name was Rock Solid for Solid Rock and we were raising money for Alice Coopers youth center Solid Rock.  The best part about running for this team were the incredibly awesome long sleeves shirts and the black eye liner I got to wear to mimic Alice Cooper.  In the middle of the night I would sneak up on people wearing my orange lit hair, black eyes and say ~SPOOKY~.  Seeing their reaction was priceless.

Rather than continue my ramble, here are pictures from the race.

Will and Gary actually listening to the safety briefing.  All I remember is the gal ATTEMPTING to be funny and talking about violating someone. (It wasn't that funny at all)

Lee (wearing bib 242) is runner #1 and starts the race in Wickenburg.  Only 200 miles to go!
Lee is off to a good start 
No, no, no…don't let someone pass you.  Trip them.
Lee's doppleganger.  The van made the mistake of thinking this runner was Lee (because of the grey shirt) and from that point we called him Lee's twin.
Lee hands off to Kevin.  I think he was worried we would miss seeing him out there so he wore the brightest colors he could find.
Vulture City graveyard from 1860.  Exchange 3
Ott ready to run his leg.
Hang loose
Kev explains for lunch he'd love to eat 1/2 a turkey. Heck, if you could also have an accordion player that would be the highlight of the day.
Out of everyone, Gary was the most consistent runner.  He was right on his pace for each of the runs (the rest of us got slower and slower)
Hey dad!  I'm flying!  I'm running 7:42's!

Sunrise at exchange 24

Yep, I look just like Alice Cooper

Will, Lee and Gary (awesome father and sons picture)

There's nothing like seeing the 12th runner coming across the bridge and finishing the race.

Stephanie bailed out the team joining at the last minute and ran our team in. 

Jordan, Ott, Gary, Russ, John, Stephen, Kim, Lee, Kev,
Stephanie, Lee, Justin and me (Christina)

Thanks 'Rock Solid for Solid Rock' for an awesome time. I had a blast!