Monday, June 21, 2010

Wasatch Ragnar Relay

After flying into Salt Lake City Thursday morning, I went shopping at Target, made carb rolls with dried fruit and repacked my gear (for the gazillionth time). We got up at 4am, picked up additional members and got up to Logan at 7am in time for the mandatory safety meeting and got our runner to the start right at 8:15 as the gun went off.

Our team ran for a cause, which was 7 year old Ray who was diagnosed with Stage 3 Burkitts B-Cell Lymphoma about a month ago. Ray named our team after his favorite stuffed animal...Kitchy.  A website was set up was set up to gather donations and we raised over $3000 to help the family offset their medical expenses which are accumulating at an astonishing rate. Along the way we recorded video for Ray to watch and participate in our fun.The father and their three other children met us at the finish line and the father gave each of us a hug and thanked us.  It was worth running for Ray.

  • Being able to run strong on my first leg which was uphill on the dirt road.  It wasn't until the last mile that I was able to taste the grit from the dust.
  • Kicking it in on leg 3 passing two girls.
  • The weather was beautiful.  I never was freezing cold or boiling hot.
  • Smelly honey buckets.  Actually these aren't too terribly bad and always had toilet paper.
  • Upset stomach 
  • We finished the 188 miles (although I thin kit was adjusted to 189.5)  in 29 hours and 23 minutes an average pace of 9:17
  • 136th team out of 658
  • Leg one was 7.4 miles (Garmin 7.36) at 10:30am uphill on a dirt road.  I passed 27 people and was passed by 4 I ran it in 1:10:19, a 9:33 avg pace. 
  • Leg two was 4.2 miles (Garmin 4.22) at 7:03pm.  While I thought the elevation was flat, the leg had a  gradual uphill and seemed to last forever.   I passed 10 people and was passed by 2 (I think one of the girls passing me was the same one who blew by me in the first leg).  I ran it in 34:31, a 8:10 avg pace. 
  • Leg three was 3 miles (Garmin 3.33) was classified as easy but wasn't.  It was uphill, with a steep uphill part and then a fast downhill. I passed 7 people and was passed by 1.  I ran it in 27:56 a 8:24 avg pace
  • We used a full sized, extra cab truck and set up lawn chairs in the back.  There was plenty of room for all the gear and after running our leg we would hang out in the back and kick up our feet. 
  • A young child, maybe three years old, holding out popsicles for the runners.  It was the sweetest thing. The community along this stretch came out and set up lemonade stands or came out just to cheer on runners
  • Watching a colt romp while we waited for our runner to give her water.
  • Laughing with the other van members which were Somer, Steve, Curtis, Dan and Dan.  Also referred to as Dan squared.
  • Eating trail mix with M&M's.  Steve, despite what the others say, I love the raisins in the trail mix.
  • Going to the cabin, getting spaghetti dinner, catching some Z's and having a hot, heavenly shower.
  • Joking about turning in other vans violating the safety requirements. Even after the race we joked about only crossing the road with a safety flag.
  • Meeting fellow blogger Christine from Sticky Fingerprints

Exchange 5.  Me handing off to Steve
Fellow blogger Christine

At the finish line waiting for van 2 to come in
Medals for Everyone!


Chris Korn said...

That was sweet. Great race report and pics. You were flying in a couple of those legs.

strewth said...

Wow, great photos and a fantastic report. What a worthy cause and you certainly flew! Well done. Thank you for visiting my blog! :)

Johann said...

Well done Team Kitchy! 136th team out of 658 is really good. Glad you could raise some money too. That looks like a lot of fun. You ran well. I’m so slow no team wants me for a relay…

Jamoosh said...

Awesome photos and a great race to boot. Well done!

Chris said...

Awesome job on those legs, I didn't do nearly as well on any of them ;) but it was fun. It was great to meet you and I wish I could have stuck around longer, it was a CRAZY finish line and we had a guy on our team who has dehydrated with borderline heat exhaustion! Congrats again on a job well done.

Glenn Jones said...

Well done! I went down and watched the Ragnar that recently came through Southern California. It looked like a ton of fun! I can tell from your list that (I think) you'd agree (not that it's over).

Katie A. said...

I love that you ran for a cause and actually got to meet your receipient! Very cool! And way to go on so much money!!!

Love that you passed so many chics! Rockstar! And the worst part about relays - using the port-o-potties for 2 days - ugh! Congrats on a great race!

Suzy said...

Congrats on an awesome Ragnar Relay!! They are so much fun. Love the pictures and thanks for writing a great report!

Ron said...

Id recognize those pictures anywhere....I was runner 5 too! We did the most of van 1 I am sure of it. We might have not gone as long as runner 6 but our legs were harder. Whats with leg 3 being so hilly? They totally misled us!! Great Job!!

Emz said...

excellent report.

Love the photos too!

I must do Ragnar, one day!!

Candice @ I Have Run said...

I was so jealous of everyone running the Wasatch Back over the weekend. Sounds like ti was a great race, and you did awesome!!

Ron said...

hey you changed the blog since this am!! Just so ya know the course for vegas is easier (not easy per se but easier). It will be beautiful too that time of year. Valley of fire and red rock are amazing. The saints and sinners medal is awesome!!

Natalia said...

Congrats Christine, sounds like a terrific race - especially with an upset tummy! Great pics and I enjoyed reading the race report. Well done.

joyRuN said...

What great fun & for such a worthwhile cause! I'd love to do one someday.

Adrienne said...

Great job. I remember seeing team Kitchy out there. Awesome to learn you were running for a cause. Good for you. You guys were faster than us. We were an all woman Team Mind over Mileage and came in around 31:46. Truck idea was great I was jealous seeing you guys having some more leg room as we were only in our minivans.