I admit it...I'm a Ragnarite.  As of February 2014 I've run 6 of the 15 Ragnars and  have run a total of 13 Ragnar races. This page is dedicated to all things Ragnar and 24 hour Relays

A 24 hour relay is like nothing you've experienced before.  You're miserable yet ecstatic at the same time. It's 2am when you are horribly tired, you are getting ready to start your next run in the cold, dead of night when sane people should be sleeping.  You've had zero sleep since 4 am Friday morning and your friend has thrown up because the chili flavored Fritos smell turned her stomach. You rock your run because running with a headlamp, reflective vest and butt light screams fun and its different than any run you've had. If you're lucky you get 2 hours of sleep in a gym with sweaty, other runners and wake up feeling refreshed, ready for your last leg.  Oh, and you are sore as all get out because DOMS (delayed muscle soreness) has set in.

What should you pack?
A post about packing
Another post about packing
My Packing List

What about running tips and safety?
Running Ragnar Relay tips
How to survive a 24 hour relay (tips for making it through all the legs alive)

I've never run Ragnar before, how do I train?

I'm volunteering.  What should I expect?
Volunteering for Ragnar

What crazy name should I call our team?
Picking a name (great site with lots of names)

Ragnar Races Completed and Race Reports
Florida Keys 2012
Chicago 2011
Del Sol 2008
Del Sol 2009
Del Sol 2010
Del Sol 2013
Del Sol 2014
Florida Central 2010
Las Vegas 2010
Wasatch Back 2008
Wasatch Back 2010
Wasatch Back 2011
Wasatch Back 2012

Ragnar Races to Complete - if you are in need for a runner for one of these races, please let me know.
Southern California (April)
New England (May)
New York (May)
Northwest Passage (July)
Great River (August)
Washington DC (September)
Pennsylvania (October)
Tennessee (October)

Sweaty, Wet and Tired (SWAT) Volunteer
Las Vegas 2011
Del Sol 2011
Napa 2011
Del Sol 2012

Course Rankings - favorite to least favorite
Florida Keys
Wasatch Back
Del Sol
Las Vegas
Florida Central (March 2011 Ragnar is doing a new course which there could only be an improvement over the old course)

Favorite Pictures