Sunday, September 16, 2012

How to Survive a Ragnar or 24 hour Relay

How do you survive a 24 hour relay like Hood to Coast or 24 hour relay?  I mean, you're running your heart out and then 6 hours later you have to do it again.  And then just because you haven't had enough punishment, you run ONE MORE TIME.   How do you do your second run and  then your third run too?

Here are some ideas to help you survive your race.
  1. Remember there is a lot of  excitement of the race and being with your friends gets you moving and you forget the discomfort.  The third leg is often the hardest because you are tired but everyone is in the same boat and is cheering you on.
  2. Take your first run slower than you normally would. This will allow you to have more energy through the other runs.
  3. Eat right. There is a lot of junk food around and you're eating at odd times.  Try and eat well, or as well as you can. If you haven't tried a food before, don't start now.  I always have pepto bismal tablets with me for when my stomach revolts to keep me out of the honey buckets.
  4. Take ibuprofen 30 minutes before you run to help with the soreness
  5. If you're used to taking GU's,  take a GU (Clif Blocks, etc)  15 minutes before you run and give you some extra energy. I always like the one's with caffeine.  Again don't try anything you haven't tried before.
  6. I'd love to say stretch after your run but most of the times that's not realistic. You have to get moving to the next exchange so you jump in the van and off you go.
  7. Relax and enjoy the discomfort. Everyone is in the same boat, tired, sore but you are a team and everyone is cheering you on.

What tips do you have for surviving a 24 hour relay?

Happy Running!


Giorgio said...

Good post! In my opinion the most important points, which you've shared, are the second and the third ones: distribute energy through the other runs and Eat right.
Have a nice week, Christina!

Johann said...

Nice post! I find running a 24 hour race almost easier than a 24 hour relay. The time not running is the worst and where you need to be and stay comfortable.

Christy said...

Any tips on the sleeping situation? That seems to be the one thing that makes me really grumpy and I never get right.

Anonymous said...

Nice! Most importantly, DO NOT drink the new coconut water beverage you have never had before right before attempting your 8 mile downhill mountain run, it will inevitably make you make several mad dashes into the bushes because there are no honey buckets anywhere in sight, and will end with a tragic hand off to the super hot Steve, who saves your sorry butt once again.