Sunday, August 1, 2010

Battle for Ballston - 5K

Flying all the way to the east coast I was hoping to meet Ashland Dave, host of Running in the Center of the Universe podcast. Unfortunately the timing was poor and I'll have to wait till the sun, moon and running shoes all align to meet him.  Fortunately there was a 5K race this weekend in Arlington and even better yet it was right off a metro stop. Battle for Ballston is a fund raiser for Youth for Understanding and the race organizers and volunteers were super nice, if not a bit over whelmed by the last minute registrations. It wasn't chipped timed and I wasn't sure if it was even timed at all but it was.

  • It was a really pretty course running through the park and up the small inclines.
  • Running the hills strong
  • The weather was cooler in the morning than it had been but it was still pretty warm.
  • I'm glad I made it back into the low 23's
  • The water in the end wasn't cold and all the refreshments were sitting in the sun. At least the finish line was in the shade.
  • Although I didn't take water along the route, the water stop was on the other side of the path and there were runners and bicyclist coming the other direction. The lady working at the water stop was behind the table and not actually helping hand out water.
  • Due to last minute registrations, the race started 15 minutes late and they ran our of t-shirts. I did get one and like the Achilles design on the front of the cotton T.
  • 23:04, splits 7:18, 7:15, 7:41
  • 51 out of 163 runners, 12th female overall
  • 2nd in my age group. The 1st person in the my age group wasn't too far in front at 22:51.
  • I didn't have any goals at the start.
  • A big part of my mental game is after the race analyzing times and splits. I ran a 7:15 split the 1st two miles and then slowed. If I look at 2/3 of the race I maintained, then I can see I did great (rather than focus on the slow 3rd mile). I need to focus on the 3rd mile and keeping up the pace. The next race I will work on running outside of my comfort zone and shorten the gap.

  • Waiting for the metro station to open at 7am, then waiting 1/2 hour before the first train came.  I talked to a woman triathlon on her way to her office to get her bike and go for a 60+ bike ride. I love the convenience of the metro.


ajh said...

You are a positive person. Many people would have seen all that waiting as a low not a fun moment. Nice job getting the race in!

J said...

Great job on the 5k! Maintaining that pace for 2 miles is great - better than I can seem to do! I have pacing problems and tend to go out too fast!

AJ said...

That is so awesome! I was wondering what 5k you ran. Doesn't sound like they were very organized but way to just go with it

Jamoosh said...

That's a prtty awesome 5K! Isn't water supposed to be "convenient"?

Black Knight said...

What a pity, you didn't win for few seconds! Congrats on the race and never mind for the lack of organization: the most important fact is that you could run.

ann said...

Congrats on the finish time! I would love to get that quick. I'm glad you had fun and got that t-shirt (secretly why we all race:) )

Johann said...

That's a great time, well done! In the end it seems it was very enjoyable.

The Green Girl said...

Aw, I'm sorry things weren't better organized but it sounds like you still ran a strong race!

Jamie said...

Great job at the last minute 5K!

Adam said...

Too bad you weren't able to hook up with Ashland Dave. I heard him talk in his most recent podcast about that swim meet and I immediately thought of you.

BUT, it is pretty awesome that you were able to find a 5K AND get back down into the low 23s! Must be that mtn air you got up in Flag.

Natalia said...

Nice race, and brilliant time! Last minute races in new cities are always exciting - good job on finding this one.

GISRunner said...

That's great that you were able to fit a race into your trip to the East coast & congrats on the time and finding all of the positives. Too bad that you weren't able to meet with Dave while here. I'm sure the humidity here in this part of the country was a huge change for you, but you definitely dealt with it quite well (I'm in northeastern NC so only a few hours away down I-95). Love reading your posts as always!

Carrie said...

I really enjoyed myself catching up on the goings on of your life and running! I've been MIA for awhile now. You are still such an inspiration to me. Thank you for continuing to share yourself and passion of running through your blog. :O)

Rob said...

So why no goals?