Friday, July 30, 2010

Rave Run

Turn left at the White House.
Turn right again
And right one more time to see the front of the White House.
Oh and get scolded for running on the street instead of the sidewalks. “I’m going” I say and wave with a smile

I have been looking forward to this long run since I saw the Rave Run in Runners World. The 5 mile loop around the Mall with the monuments and the museums in Washington DC was going to be awesome and it was.

I got lucky when my hotel reservation in Alexandria, VA didn’t go through and I had to do some last minute planning to get a hotel for work and then change hotels for my mini-vacation. I decided to stay in downtown DC and the rate I ended up getting was $116 a night at a Hilton. Doesn’t that sound unheard of? I was 2.5 miles away from the mall which would equate to a 10-11 mile long run.

It was an awesome run. In my travels I find that my favorite memories of the cities I have visited is through my runs.  I couldn’t think of a better way to see the White House, Washington Monument, the museums, US Capitol, Lincoln Memorial, the Vietnam Memorial and the Korea Memorial than on a run.  The Korea Memorial was my favorite. Seeing the statues and the fresh flowers placed by various countries in the early morning was very moving.

Around mile 5 I was out of water and after talking to a policeman, I found a street vendor selling water. The vendor had the cart for 15 years in that location and worked Monday through Friday for the offices in the area and didn’t like dealing much with tourists. She thought I worked in one of the offices and was out for my morning run. I ran for a couple minutes with a guy that lived in Fairfax County (everyone seems to live in Fairfax), left the house at 4:30am, got to the office, went for a run, and then started work. Traffic can be horrific unless you start early.
Lincoln Memorial
Vietnam Memorial
US Capitol

When I finished my run I felt great but was terribly sweaty. I have never been that soaked after a run even running in Arizona. The humidity caused so my sweat that my clothes were as wet as coming out of the washer. I was quite smelly and sweaty.

Speaking of sweaty while playing tourist yesterday I got caught in a heavy rainstorm.  Again I was completely drenched.  My shoes, jeans, hair....everything was wet.  This morning my shoes, which are retired running shoes, were still wet so I took a hair dryer to them.  Bad, bad idea.  The heat brought out the sweat smell and now I can smell myself, smell my feet wherever I go.  In the elevator, as I sit in the lobby and type this post and just walking. Its horrible and I'm terribly embarrassed that people will think I'm unclean and smell.  Have you ever had smelly, running feet? 


Kim said...

I love DC. I grew up in Maryland and spent a lot of time in the DC area (I was born in DC!). In adulthood, I've moved closer to Baltimore, so I don't get down to DC as much as I'd like. You should run the Marine Corps Marathon! It takes you through a lot of those sights!

LookingUpAgain said...

So jealous you got to run in DC! I had smelly feet in high school and was banned from "flying" in cheerleading because no one wanted my feet near their noses :) PS...I still have smelly feet.

ajh said...

Love running in DC! It is so moving and inspirational and just plain wonderful!

Lesley said...

It sounds like a fun experience! I've never run in DC, but your post makes me want to! :)

misszippy said...

DC is full of great sites and running paths. But yes, we do have our humidity in this neck of the woods!

Katie A. said...

I've never been to DC and what you described is on my bucket list! I love to run where I travel, I agree, you appreciate so much more!
Good luck with the shoes! No help here!

Anonymous said...

You will remember that run for a very long time. What a great memory!!

Mark said...

Really cool running!!

Adam said...

strange, I take a hair dryer to my feet a few times a month to dry them out before I get on a plane....and I do it to make them NOT smell!

Oh well, either way that run looked awesome!

joyRuN said...

An awesome way to see DC!

My brother lives in Fairfax ;)

AJ said...

DC would be a great place to run (minus the humidity) so much to see! Glad you liked it!

Johann said...

Haha, no, luckily I’ve never had smelly running feet or shoes…that I know of. That was an awesome run and so different. I need to plan a city site seeing run some time.

ledz21 said...

DC is one of the palce where you can run freely and have fun at the same time..