Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Running Question Challenge - What are your Running Strengths?

What are your Running Strengths?

Spelling "strength" is not one of my strengths.  Time and time again I misspell that word.  Maybe if I write on the board 100 times "strength", I will get it right first time and without spell checker (don't worry, I too can't function without spell checker).

My running strenght (see, darn it...can't spell) is my desire to run.  I love to run and generally have no problem getting up in the morning to run and don't think I make a lot of excuses not to run.  I'm in Sacramento today and could sleep in but I have a 6 miler in morning and am looking forward to it.  It will be cool and green.  My goal for the run is a goal pace run to start preparing for a November half.

Another strength is I like to run long. I'd much rather do a long run than a tempo run and find that generally I recover well from them.

And one last strength is setting a schedule and following it.  Its a process goal that once I set it, I can keep it.  I may change the schedule around, but setting that schedule and having it out and visible, I will stay on task.  

What are your strengths?


The Green Girl said...

I'd say my strengths are endurance - since I clearly don't have speed - and I'm a strong hill runner.

ann said...

I think my strength is

1. desire - LOVE the run
2. clipboard - if I have a list or schedule, it's gonna be DONE
3. competitive - I am slightly :) competitive (good and bad)

Ewa said...

Hills and... ah... I don't really know. I love running but still have to motivate myself to go. I can go far but I often don't believe I can. Obviously confidence is not one of my strengths. :)

Jamoosh said...

My strength is the desire to go out and run. It could also be a weakness since I get grouchy if I cannot get out there.

Johann said...

Dedication for sure. I’m extremely dedicated to train for and get where I want to be.

Emz said...

Awesome post.

I'd say:

ajh said...

Following a schedule, sticking to my goals, not making excuses to not run.

Jamie said...

I say a running strength is loving the long run. I can keep going. Also, I hate giving up/quitting so I'll get the training done.

Adrienne said...

Ooooh. That's a tough one. Ask me again in 6 months :). I'd say for now a strength would be that I'm willing to put myself out there and give it a try. To get out of my comfort zone.

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

Good question! I couldn't think of any strengths at first, but after reading what you and others wrote I realize I like to stick to my running plan and not make running excuses, too.

Giorgio said...

What’s my running strenght? Running makes me feel good! I don’t mind getting up early in the morning to run. Moreover, I like running in the rain.
Have a nice Summer, Christine!

Post scriptum: my running shoes weren’t in the suitcase which we did’t find in the Rome Airport. My daughters’ luggage isn’t arrived yet! I think Air France will pay it: € 15 per kg.

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

Oh I always say that I run far not fast :) I'm working on getting faster, but my love is just running far with no expectations of time

Robin said...

I'd say, in no particular order:

1. Endurance - I prefer distance to speed, too.

2. Encouraging other new runners. I believe 'community' makes all the distance.

3. Knowing myself and being okay with my pace, form, and goals. I'm not in it to impress or surpass anyone. I run for ME.

Black Knight said...

i have your same strengths but my schedule includes also swimming to balance the efforts. Congrats for the topic.