Sunday, May 15, 2011

Whiskey Row Race

Whiskey Row half marathon was supposed to be a training run for me and a race for John. As I mentioned in my last post, I decided not to run the race due to an indigent calf and hamstring. I thought I could drop down to the 10K and jog/walk it and as a result, I got my first DNF on Saturday when I dropped out after the first mile. With the major discomfort experienced after just one mile, I'm glad I didn't endure the whole 6 miles. Despite knowing it was the correct decision, the disappointment still lingers.  John ran the half and looked strong at the end.

After lunch and a shower, we grabbed our books and went down to listen to the numerous bands playing into the evening. Filled with families, people milled around with their children, dogs and snakes.  SNAKES?  Yes, there was a lady there with her two red tailed boa's. She happily talked to children, let them pet her snakes and answered questions like what does she feed them...a small rat once a month.

Hold camera out....line up and shoot
A gigantic laptop
A cool timeline of the history of Prescott
Happy Running!


RunningLaur said...

So sorry you had to pull out. A tough choice, but I'm sure it was the smart one. Prescott is such a cute town to visit too!

The Green Girl said...

I'm sorry you DNF'd but it sounds like it was for the best. Good for you, making a hard decision like that.

That timeline history of Prescott is awesome.

Jim ... 50after40 said...

I know the DNF wasn't great - but you know you did the right thing. I respect you for listening to your body. Some people would have pushed it and ended up injured. Have a great day!

Johann said...

Wise choice Christina! I have a few DNF's. They all made me feel terrible but when I look back I probably shouldn't have started any of those races. Take care!

Kerrie T. said...

Hope your leg is OK. :(

Giorgio said...

You really made a good choice, Christina! I hope your leg will be better soon !
Nice photo of that lady with her snake :)

Daniel said...

I understand your pain. I had to let one of my previous marathons slide because of an injury. But there will be other races waiting for you to shine.
Hope you get over your injuries soon.
Marathon training

smokemonkey said...

Sorry 'bout the DNF, but you're prpbably gonna run for the rest of your life, so a minor setback like this ain't mucho. Motivation is imperative.

Anonymous said...

I had a DNF in 2006. Tore ligaments in my ankle. I missed the Turkey Trot I had signed up for.

Anonymous said...

Bummer you had to DNF, but we've got to take care of our bodies: smart choice! I'm sorry I missed you guys there? I ran the full, so I was out there a long time. :(