Friday, May 6, 2011

Great Site about all you want to know about Garmin Watches and GPS

My Garmin Forerunner is starting to act up and I'm researching what I would like to replace it.  (The 610 is the winner).  In the process of researching it, I found a really cool site where DC Rainmaker has done reviews on Garmins and other watches, has Garmin tips and talks about the accuracy or inaccuracy of GPS.  Not only is he techy, but he's also an accomplished tri-athlete and will soon be in the Men's Health magazine.  You should spend some time on his site checking out all the cool stuff.  Here are the links relating to Garmin and GPS that I found interesting.

How to guides for your Garmin (tons of various links here)

Happy Running!


Giorgio said...

I've just visited the website DC Rainmaker which you suggested. It contains interesting product reviews.

Have a nice weekend!

Jim ... 50after40 said...

Great site - thanks! Seems like I constantly have issues with my Forerunner 305. I'll check it out!

Natalia said...

Thank you for this timely post! I have been having trouble working out the workings of the Garmin. Today it seemed to work very well. The website will be bookmarked!

Adam said...

I love Ray's blog. He has TONS of pictures.

Also, I think that I'm in love with the Garmin 610