Monday, May 2, 2011

Buckeye Outdoors

Buckeye Outdoors is an awesome site to log your miles for all sports (you can even custom make icons/ gardening), track mileage on shoes, your diet, training plans, download from your Garmin and make friends with the social networking section. I've used the site for 4 years and enter all my runs and track my running goals on the site.  Ben, tri-athlete, creator, programmer and host of Buckeye, has never charged for his awesome website nor asked for donations.  The website isn't sponsored by some big athletic company nor are you harassed with constant, annoying pop-up adds.  Ben provides the website out of love for the sport and to help others.

Unfortunately Buckeye servers have been affected by the horrible storms. The website says
Buckeye Outdoors has suffered a major outage. A series of electrical storms first knocked out the backup servers that were located at the backup up location. Then the unthinkable happened 4 days later and a second electrical storm caused an extended power outage at the datacenter where the primary Buckeye Outdoors servers are hosted. The current situation is pretty grimm and I'm despritly trying to recover the data that has been lost. If I am un able to recover the data I will put the application back online but right now I am holding out hope and I even might send the Hard Disks to a data recovery place. If you have any questions please email here:

Many of you have expressed an interest in donating funds to help shoulder the burden of the recovery cost. At first I didn't want to accept these donations because there really isn't a guarantee that they will be able to recover any of the data. But as the expenses are adding up (while the recovery is going I am rebuilding the servers and having to replace hardware), so if you want to contribute I am open to it as long as you keep in mind that there is no primise that the data will be recovered.
If your a Buckeye Outdoor user or have a big heart and are interested in helping, you can donate here.

Happy Running!


Johann said...

This is really sad as I log all my runs there. I have years of training logged so I really hope he can recover the data. I have no energy to re-log all my running somewhere else. In the mean time I have logged my runs at dailymile.

misszippy said...

I had never heard of them. What a shame--tough times for them, for sure.

Lesley said...

Like Johann, I'm using DailyMile (and RunningAhead) in the mean time, but I really miss Buckeye! Crossing my fingers for data recovery--so much history on there!

Good luck, Ben and Buckeye!

chris mcpeake said...

That sucks. I log on attack point and would hate to lose that info.

Also congrats on Boston.

Black Knight said...

Sorry for the trouble. I hope they succeed in recovering all the lost data. Good luck.
I use the RunnersWorld training log (italian version of course).