Sunday, June 14, 2015

Racing to Find Mojo

The lack of running motivation continues to plague me.  Running 3 miles without stopping is so hard for me to actually accomplish and once I start walking, there's not much at that point to keep me running.  With hopes to find my running mojo again, I signed up for the Arizona Road Racers summer series.  There are 5 races spread throughout the summer that are 5K's, except the 4th of July is a 4 miler.

I missed the first race since I was out of town.  Today was the 2nd race and the convenient location was only 4 miles away at Rose Moffet Park, Phoenix.

My goal was to run 9:15's and be sub-30min overall.  The first mile took forever and yes, I felt like stopping.  I knew the 1.5 mile mark would be tough because usually that's when I start walking on my runs at home.  I told myself walking wasn't an option but 10 minute miles or even 11's were an option. I really wanted to finish the race without stopping.

I finished in a personal worst time of 29:15 but overall I'm happy because I did run the whole thing.  I don't have my running mojo back but figure I have to keep getting myself out there. Next race is in 3 weeks on the 4th of July.

Happy Running!


Christy said...

Great job! Especially on pushing through. You have to add in that heat factor. It makes a big difference.

A couple of my siblings and I are planning on the 4th of July 4 miler. Maybe we'll see ya there!

Running Through Phoenix said...

Hey Lazy Bones, great job, even in the heat. Keep it up!

Black Knight said...

Mission accomplished, you have run under the 30:00. Congrats.

Sarah Heinle said...

I am proud of you for finishing!! Be proud and happy that you didn't give up. You will get it back.

Natalia said...

Hello Christina, Congratulations! I have been thinking a lot about you. As you know, I have been plagued by lack of running mojo for years now. Today, I finally feel that I have turned a corner. Hang in there - you are doing great. And you are still my running heroine.