Thursday, July 9, 2009


I'm still bouncing around running, not running and then running again. I've run 3 miles twice this week and doing ok. My hip ache is still there and I've decided to go to the orthopedic doctor the PT recommended. I have an appointment set for next week. Mentally I feel I could go out and run a 10 miler and when I'm at the beginning of a run I actually consider increasing my run to 4 miles or maybe even taking a lap around the 6 mile loop. And then I get realistic and come off my runners high and realize I had best be smart and take it easy. Later, when my hip aches after 3 miles I know I've done the right thing.

I've just finished my bike ride and love being outside. The heat isn't too bad at 5:30am and my ride is over before I know it. I'm amazed at how many runners are outside and I always look at them with envy. As long as I can keep up running the couple miles, a couple times a week I'll be able to join them soon. The important lesson I've learned is to cross train and don't stick to my schedule to make the miles, fit a type of workout in and its ok to be lazy.

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