Thursday, September 9, 2010

Making Progress

Originally I was going to label this post Disappointment and yet, I realize that I'm still making progress towards my goal despite my dissapointment.

Running through the summer I thought that although I was much slower, my fitness would still be there and come cooler weathers I would pop back to where I was back in February, post marathon. The fact is, if you practice running slow, you will also race slow.  To be fast, you have to train your body to what "fast" feels like.  It doesn't just happen that you can run fast.  Through all the summer 5K's, all my long runs and my goal paced runs, I haven't had the speed and blamed the heat.

On Tuesday night I ran 800's and I bounced around 3:45's with one being 3:58. John asked me, you were better than that last year, right? The reality hit me that yes, I was.  Just before my marathon I was able to run 10 under 3:35 and now I can run one 800 at that pace.  Am I really that far away from where I was and I ran through the summer too?

This mornings run was a goal pace run and I knew that I needed just one mile at the goal pace.  Next week I could strive for 2 miles and I would build. The weather was the coolest morning and while we'll be in the 100's again at the end of the week, the nights are cooling down.  My goal pace is 8:00 (technically I need 7:57's) and I ran a 8:04, 7:56, 8:03 and 8:06.  This was good progress since last week I managed one mile at 8:15 and the rest above 8:30.

The speed will not bounce back with the cooler weather (yes it will be easier).   I'm going to have to work on  running fast and pushing myself.  I may not get a PR at the next race but I have 6 weeks to continue training and to work on getting out of my comfort zone.

Happy Running!


The Green Girl said...

Aw, congratulations on your gradual process.

ann said...

gradual progress is better than no progress. you'll get there!

Adrienne said...

Running the way you do in this heat is inspiring. I definitely stick to the treadmill like many other people in Phoenix so you are already ahead of all of us! Sounds like you have a solid plan to get where you want to be just stay focused and be patient (easier said than done) and you'll be there.

On a side note, I Miss seeing you, hope your well.

RunKathyRun said...

You're doing awesome; keep up the good work. I couldn't do as well with the heat. You will get there!

Nicole Orriƫns said...

But it really is much harder to run fast when it's hot! I feel I'm much faster when it's cold. If only to get warm.

Giorgio said...

The end of the Summer is near and you will see your speed soon. Be careful Christina!
Have a nice weekend!

Johann said...

Just take it easy, you will get there. Don't try to bounce back to quickly. You are doing very well!

Andrew Opala said...

I noticed the negative split - was that on purpose? Plus what's your understanding of them. I've been hearing a lot ... I just slow down continuously.

Staci Dombroski said...

I think you are doing awesome :)

Katie A. said...

I like you being positive AND realistic - running takes time, and running fast takes even longer. You've got the heart and the drive, it's in you!

Good job on this mornings run - hold on to that feeling! You'll be back to your old self in no time! Happy Thursday!

Andy Bowen said...

Great work, keep it up and you will get to where you want to be.

Running in the heat is always more draining, but you're right, some training sessions are all about getting out of your comfort zone. You have to push the boundaries every now and then if you want to improve!

Run Hard ;-)

Amy said...

Just keep up the good work and surely you will get good result. Looking forward for good progress.