Saturday, October 16, 2010

Grand Canyon Trip

I'm almost integrated back into real life from my trip to the Grand Canyon.  The scratches all over my legs are healing, although they may scar some.  It seems the older I get, the slower I heal and a simple scratch will scar.  Oh well.  They make me look tougher than I am.

Over the next week, I'll have a posts from my hiking trip on the Thunder River, Deer Creek loop on the North Rim. It was a fantastic trip and once again I'm thankful for all the coordination Scott did in putting together the trip.  I pretty much just have to worry about my gear and food and Scott has maps and read trip reports.  I'm also thankful that John carries the tent, stove and extra water and I only need to carry my stuff and food, which decreases over the days, making the pack lighter.

Here's a link to the National Park Service description of the hike and I tried finding a simple map of the route and this was the best I found.

I'm not sure the exact mileage since different websites showed between 21 and 29 miles and we also took the scenic tour on day 2 adding extra miles.

I hope you enjoy the pictures and trip report and the special bonus, my first video on my blog.

Posts about the North Rim Grand Canyon Trip (I'll come back and provide links to each day after they have posted)

Links to my Grand Canyon trip from November 2009


Adam said...

Very cool!! My brother in law goes hiking in the canyon all the time and I would LOVE to go with him sometime.

Ewa said...

Don't you find it hard to get back to real life after being in such a wonderful place? I always do.
Grand Canyon is very high on my bucket list.