Sunday, February 6, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up - 10 Weeks to Boston

My boyfriends work is having a contest to get people to sign up for the Alzheimers newsletter to provide information about Alzheimers and what they are doing.  I thought to encourage people to sign up I would need to give away something so I came up with the Giveaway.  What I have found is that people are compassionate and willing to support a cause without being given something. If you are interested, please sign up for the newsletter and enter the giveaway(yes, I'll still give something away since I said I would).

Running-wise things went well this week. I did wuss out on a run because it was going to be below 30, windy and uphill.  I have struggled with nutrition.  It's almost destructive that immediately after eating lunch, when I'm still full, I want to start snacking and eating chocolate. Once I've gone off the plan, I figure I've screwed it up and might as well eat more sugar. A month ago I was down 3 pounds and now I've regained that.  I set a goal last week to log what I was eating, figuring that would help and I couldn't bring myself to log my food.  Do you struggle with eating?  Do you have advice on how I can eat better or not completely blow it each day?

Weekly Wrap-Up

Monday- tempo run. Avg pace of 7:30 but the time in each split flucuated.
Tuesday- track 800-600-600 x3. It was cold and the boys were running slower which allowed me to stay a little closer to them. My 800's were 3:36 (wanted 3:30) and the 600's were 2:35's but my last one was a 2:24.  I think that is the fastest I've run a 600.
Wednesday- off
Thursday- Supposed to be South Mountain in the morning but changed it to a 6 miler in the evening. Ran it with John and while I didn't intend it to be a tempo run, it turned out to be one and very consistent too.

Friday - off
Saturday- 20 mile long run. Because of canal work, we had to turn back before I hit the 10 miler mark and tag the mileage on the end.  It became a mental game because at my normal 3 miles to go mark, I still had 6 to run. Funny how the mind works.  It thought it was tired because of where I was at (only 3 to go I must be tired) yet I still had 6 to run.  
Sunday-   I'll go for an EASY 4 miler after I do some errands this morning.

Total Miles 41

Eating: F. See above. Any wisdom, insight and magic wands would be much appreciated.

Core: C.  In normal weeks I'd say this was a B because I did the monster walk 3 times and planks twice.  Considering though it was a goal to do it daily, I only get a C.

Goals from last week: Monster walk/planks/log food daily.  C/D/F

Goals for next week: 
Monster walks daily
Planks 3 times a week
Pre-plan meals and bring them to work in their cute little plastic containers.


Black Knight said...

You are doing great for the social cause.
Indeed I don't have many problems with my weight, however I drink a glass of water before lunch/dinner, I eat a lot of vegetables and if I am hungry during the day I eat fruits.
Weakness: 1 or 2 pepsi every day and a couple of cookies.

Elizabeth said...

I also struggle with my eating and right now all that is working for me is tackling one thing at a time. Right now what I am working on is not snacking while cooking so either chew gum or drink a cup of tea. Last time I check I was consuming close to 400 calories while cooking especially after work while making dinner.
I also try not to buy stuff because I always eat it without thinking.

Amanda@runninghood said...

Wow, you are awesome! I have not spent a ton of time on your blog but glad I did got me revved up and motivated for my run today. Eating well is something I am getting better at with age. I find that if I buy good stuff then I eat good stuff but if I have junk in the house then I always eat it...especially at night. I've found that if I keep some almonds or sunflower seeds in my pocket or on the counter or wherever I spend most of my time, then I will snack on them during the day and then not be sooo hungry at other times during the day. Also drinking lots of water helps too. Or writing down everything I eat has helped with making sure I'm accountable for losing baby weight after kids. Keep up the great training! Hope to read more of your blog more often!

misszippy said...

I don't know if you like dark chocolate or not, but I find it is the cure for me. I eat a tiny bit after lunch almost every day. It gives me a sweet fix but doesn't leave me craving more. Hope that helps!

Ewa said...

For me carbs are the evil. I eat carbs and half an hour later I have to eat more.
Winter is not an easy time of year to lose weight. Darn!

Ewa said...

Oh, and I am with misszippy on dark chocolate. Yum! I wonder if we still have some in the house.

Anonymous said...

I use to get a log that listed my calories, carbs, protein & fat for everything I ate for the day. When I see the numbers on paper it woke me up to how much I was consuming. Also, the competitor in me would want to lower my total calorie comsumption each day.

joyRuN said...

It helps me when I focus on what I HAVE to eat - when I make sure that I get in my 4 servings of fruit on top of 4 servings of veggies, it lays the framework for the day. I allow myself the not-so-healthy stuff only after I get my fruit & veggie quota in, but at the end of the day, I'm really not in the mood for the not-so-healthy anymore.

Good luck :)