Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Dazzle You Into Confusion

Finding the “right” option in recovery from a running injury is near impossible.  For every “correct” recovery option, there is an argument against it.  With all choices and opinions, confusion is hard to avoid.  How does one choose the “right” solution?  What happens if you choose the “wrong” solution?  Rather than think in black and white, look for the shades of grey and what is best for you?  What worked for your fellow runner may not work for you or maybe it’s a combination of things.

Here’s a list of various options used for healing injuries.  It is by no means a complete list but may give you ideas of what to consider. 

Run through it 
Rest/No Running
TMS – Tension myositis syndrome (mind/body connection)(Running Pain or Dr Sarno )
Stretch/Never stretch
Diet and nutrition
Strengthening exercises
Barefoot running
Physical therapy
Ointments (Bengay, Tiger Balm, Bio Freeze, etc)
Nutrition deficiencies
Medication/prescriptions (ie. prednisone)
Minimalist shoes

Did I miss anything?

Happy Running!


Johann said...

Water running (aqua jogging)! It seems to be a popular choice for various injuries. I just hope I remain injury free and don’t have to look up this list for choices soon.

LB said...

yes, all very confusing. ive been down many of those paths. its so frustrating experimenting and never finding the right answer!

Christina said...

Of course...how could I forget aqua jogging. That is something I do more of in the summer anyways. There is also cross training and just getting more sleep at night too.

Rob said...


Lesley said...

Several people have recommended an epsom salt hot bath to me. I've done that several times, not sure if it helps the injuries, but it sure feels good! (And there's something to be said for treating the mental stress of going through physical recovery!)

Speaking of which, when I saw "medication" on your list, at first I thought it said "meditation." Then I saw the word "prescriptions" beside it, and realized my mistake. ;->

Black Knight said...

Swimming, physiotherapy and ....luck!!!!

joyRuN said...

It's absolutely confusing. I'm at the point where I will stubbornly pursue the path I'm on & try to ignore everything else until my body proves me wrong.