Saturday, May 26, 2012

Running Safety Gadgets and Clothing

Runners are concerned about safety.  As a female we are concerned about safety and choose our routes and times we run carefully.  Dusk, dawn and night hours are times when reflective gear is extremely beneficial.  There are a lot of gadgets marketed to keep runners safe and there are some items to consider if you looking to add to your safety arsenal.
  • Nite Ize- Marker Band- LED light is visible up to a mile away.The adjustable band can fit your arm comfortably. My girlfriend got me one a couple years ago and I like mine so much I have given them away as gifts for about $10. 
  • Safety vests - 5 years ago when I ran my first Ragnar Relay there weren't many options out there for safety vests. I bought a Brooks Nightlife vest with reflective piping which was expensive but it was like clothing and it fit well as compared to the construction vests avaialable then.  Now, the vest isn't on the approved list because it's just piping and not as safe as the reflective vest you can buy now. Today in addition to standard, fabric reflective vests, the vests are light weight, many just have reflective straps making them ultra light weight.   
Somer, with Good Clean Food and my bestest buddy,  wears a headlamp, safety vest and Nite Ize band at Wasatch Ragnar Relay
  • Clothing - Various companies make clothing with reflective properties. One company that I'm impressed with their marketing and think their shirts are very reflective.  Be Seen has clothing with a great big giant emblem that is reflective. I haven't bought one yet mainly but am considering buying shirts from them for my Ragnar team in February 2013.
  • Headlamps- If you don't have a headlamp you need one.  Matter of fact, you need two or three.  I have one in my car, one in the kitchen drawer, one in my running gear and one in my camping gear.  These are great for flashlights, barbecuing, looking at the sprinkler box at night, backpacking, camping and of course running.  If you run a Ragnar Relay they are mandatory and I like to use my own so I don't have to swap sweat.
  • Road ID- Back in 2011 I posted about Road ID and how I was a big fan.  Road ID is a simple metal ID that you can wear on your shoe, choose the necklace, the anklet or bracelet version.  There is comfort for me knowing that on every run with my shoe ID that I have identification with me and my medical information can be easily obtained. 
*I have not received payment or free product to mention these in my blog. I would however be happy to receive something and give a full review.

What is your favorite safety gadget or clothing?

Happy Running!


Running Through Phoenix said...

Hey LBR, do you have your Feb Ragnar roster completed? Ive always wanted to do this. Please let me know. Thanks.

L Finch said...

I really need a Road ID. I haven't had the money to get one yet. :) I do have a relfective vest and a head lamp. Oh, and flashing lights to clip onto my shirt. Best buys EVER.

mickerobinsone said...

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