Sunday, June 23, 2013

Tree Climbing in the Jungle

Climbing the tree was the most physically challenging thing I did in Peru.

I let the guys go first so they would have more time at the top rather than at the bottom waiting for me to pull myself up.  Our guide gave us a lesson in how you pull yourself up.  You lift your knees which releases tension in a rope, slide the ascender (or maybe it was the descender) up and then stand/pull yourself up. I think I only went 4 inches at a time but I eventually made it up to the top in 11 minutes.

I was hoping to see some birds up there but I didn't see any.  I did have a beautiful view of the river.

Come down the ropes was much easier than going up.  If you've ever seen Medicine Man, there is one scene where they are going down ropes over the water and the rope stops.  Dr. Rae Crane (Lorraine Bracco) kicks and yells at Dr. Campbell (Sean Connery) 'You call this a rescue?' One of my favorite scenes.

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Johann said...

I can imagine that it can be very hard. Is that the actual Amazon River?