Sunday, December 28, 2008

Being a lazy bones

My boyfriend, John, continually tells me that I'm a lazy bones. How I could possibly be considered lazy bones after running a 35 week is beyond me. Granted the last 3 weeks I have been lazy, taking more days off from running than actually running. I do have a good reason though. I'm recovering from my first marathon. Today is a 10 mile day and I now have to start getting serious again. I'm leaning towards doing another marathon in February and need to ramp it up to be able to drop the 3 minutes to qualify for Boston. But truth be told, right now, I'm not motivated to go run and train for it. This will probably be one of those things that once I go out and actually start my run, then I'll be fine.

Note: The profile picture was drawn by Jimmy at the Tucson Marathon in December 2009.

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