Friday, January 2, 2009

Achy breaky hamstring

An achy hamstring caused me to walk 2 miles home 4 days ago. Today it felt much better. That is, until I tried to run on it. I got around the corner and as soon as I felt it I stopped. Coach Dean would be proud of me. So I came home and had cake to soothe myself. Actually I jumped on the eliptical and did some strenghtening exercises. I had the cake later.

Since I get terribly bored on the eliptical I'll take the bike out tomorrow and get a workout in. Its funny, I haven't had much motivation to run but now that I can't, I really want to go run. Its slightly depressing but I know that it will be healed and feeling fine in a couple of days. What is surprising to me is that with all the marathon training I stayed very healthy and was able to train well. Now that I'm trying to get running again, I have these aches. Looking back, perhaps I didn't head the advice of taking it easy one day for every mile. Yea, should have listened to Coach Dean. In the meantime, I need to eat healthier and stay active and have a good attitude.

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