Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Lunch with Coach Dean

Its always so motivating to have lunch with Coach Dean. He has a manner about him to always see the bright side. If you don't count running a mile to walk home, I haven't run for a week. Its not getting me completely down yet. When I told Dean, he was compassionate but didn't make a big deal. We talked about recovering from marathons and how I was able to train for the marathon with great health and now I am achy, my calves are sore and running 10 miles wiped me out. I also explained how I really haven't wanted to run; there hasn't been the passion in it as before the marathon. Dean said its the post marathon blues. Perhaps not being to run this week is actually a blessing. The fact I can't run is making me want to run so in a couple days when my aches are gone, I'll be ready and motivated. Right? Right!

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