Saturday, September 12, 2009

16 miles down

My 16 miler today went so much better than the 14 last weekend. This time my overall pace was 8:54, up from 9:05 last week. I thought I had hit a couple more miles at goal pace but the Garmin says differently. The main thing is that the last few miles did not get progressively slower (although I did have the slowest mile at mile 15)

8:56 9:01 9:03 8:55 8:59 8:53 8:54 8:50 9:03 8:50 8:50 8:46 goal pace! 8:58 9:00 9:07 8:41 goal pace! 8:18 (1/2 mile)

I found a blog of a runner who cooks. Her blog is full of recipes and I can't wait to try some of them. It is My only problem is that I'm not a big cook. Sure I can and do cook but it isn't something that I look forward to doing and if there are more than a handful of ingredients I get turned off. Compare that to baking though and its night/day. I love to bake and make cakes and cookies. Dating John has been great because I can bake and not have to worry about me eating it all. John doesn't share my sentiment that its great though and has put a no dessert and baking ban on me (until he gets down to his running weight). Bummer. And there's so many healthy recipes that I could be trying. Maybe I could be a closet baker and then sneak stuff to work or put it in the freezer for me. Hey, now that's an idea I may try.

If you have any healthy recipes either cooking or baking I'd love to try them out.

Happy Running!


Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

That is a GREAT pace...very consistent and strong. OK being told that someone thought of me on their run is AMAZING!! Glad you stayed hydrated and had a GREAT run.. Just posted my 5K race report...nothing compared to 16 miles, but I will be back in LONG running mode soon.

FYI I don't cook AT ALL...hubby does thank goodness

Anonymous said...

awesome job with the pace!!! great kick at the end!

joyRuN said...

Geez - nice pace on your run, especially your strong finish!

I do like the virtual training partner for my tempo runs. I don't think I'd like it for a long run - I'd probably end up hurling my Garmin at some point in frustration.

I tried to run completely barefoot on my street. That asphalt was ROUGH! I think I need some callouses first :)

sneakersister said...

Christina, you did an amazing job pacing on that run! So dead-on even. Well done.