Friday, September 25, 2009

Free Giveaways

I stumbled into a blog by Mel at Tall Mom on the Run where she will not only give away free things but she also links to other sites where they are giving away free stuff. Who doesn't love free?

Here are some sites to visit and score some free stuff.
  • Team Giles- Zensah- Ends 9/28
  • Shannon- CSN Mirror- Ends 9/29
  • Meaghan- Books- Ends 9/30 (Meaghan is a Diana Galbadon fan too!)

Because I think this free stuff is so much fun, I have talked with Coach Dean and he's agreed to a giveaway of his book "Coach I Didn't Run Because...Excuses Not to Run and How to Overcome Them. I'll post details sometime next week on how you can win this cool little book (and I'm a contributor to the book too. )

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