Friday, September 25, 2009

Team Lazy Bones

On Sunday I’m running a 5K with John and two co-workers that somehow I managed to convince that running a 5K is great fun. I think my co-workers probably run from me when they see me coming so I’m not sure how I convinced them to run a race with me. Here are the team members of Team Lazy Bones: John, Jessie, Justin and me, Christina (I should probably change my name to start with a J).

John – Is an ultra-runner that usually doesn’t run 5K’s. I suppose when you’re shortest race is marathon length you don’t want to be bothered with a mere 5K. Lucky for me, 2 years ago to support his friend who was the race director, John ran the 5k and I was fortunate enough to meet him. Now, running this 5K is tradition and required (by me). John will run the fastest of the 4 of us and I think the winner should buy the rest of us breakfast. Hmmm, pancakes with chocolate chips sounds really good.

Justin – Is the strong, quiet and fast type. He ran this 5k last year and left me in the dust. Although he is saying he hasn’t trained much for this year’s race, he’ll still probably leave me in the dust.

Jessie – Is a new runner who ran 2 - 5k’s this summer and has aspirations of running a half marathon. Her dislike of the hot Phoenix summers has kept her confined to the boring treadmill. With this 5K I expect Jessie’s enthusiasm and desire to train to soar and she’ll take advantage of the cool weather and be pounding the pavement with the rest of us crazy runners.

Me – I’m shooting for a course PR and enjoying the free food at the end. The past two years I have gotten an age group placing and I hope to do so again this year. It was while waiting for my award two years ago that I sat and talked to John and was later stalked by him. Isn’t that what Linked In is for?

Check back on Sunday for my 5K race report.

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