Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Monthly Wrap-Up

Where does time go? Its already a couple days into September and I need to do my monthly wrap up for August. It was a great month. Although I didn't do any swimming this month, I did continue with the biking and was able to run on a consistent basic. I signed up for an 18 miler in New Jersey in October and I started my 16 week marathon plan.

On my tempo run this morning I was running with John and we came across two ladies walking. Since I was a couple strides behind him I told the ladies that I was trying to catch him. They yelled to me that I could do it. Go SHE POWER. I sprinted and caught up to him and yelled SHE POWER. The SHE POWER wore me out some but I still managed a good pace. My mile splits for the tempo run were 7:36, 7:37 and 7:35. I was surprised at the last split since I was getting tired. Just goes to show you what SHE POWER can do.

Happy Running and Keep Moving Forward.

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