Friday, November 6, 2009

Solstice Goji Bar Review

Before launching into my Solstice Goji Bar review I have to show you today's Google Image.  I'm loving the Sesame Street Theme.

I won a giveaway on Amanda’s site at Run To the Finish for Solstice Goji Bars.  I received 2 flavors of each bar (Dark Chocolate and Peanut Butter, Dark Chocolate Cherry and Almond, and Mochadia Bar) and a bag of “Fountain of Youth 8 Way Antioxidant Blend.  The box came a couple weeks ago on a Friday, since I had just returned from lunch and wasn’t really hungry but still wanted to try something, I tore into the bag of “Fountain of Youth”.  This is trail mix deluxe.  It says “Wildly Delicious” on the package and it is!  It has goji berries, pecans, walnuts, dried tart cherries (these are my favorite), dried blue berries, dried apples, coconut and dried cranberries.  And if that wasn’t already a great combination there are little pieces of cocoa nibs….chocolate!  It has a great flavor and the only drawback is the pieces are so small that I ending up wearing some of it and if I were trying to hike and eat it at the same time I would probably lose a lot more.  Besides that, the taste is great and I couldn’t stop eating it until the 2oz bag was empty.

On Monday morning I was hungry and snatched the Dark Chocolate and Peanut Butter bar.   These are all natural bars, don’t appear to have preservatives and have an expiration date that isn’t 5 years out. For healthy food it is really good.  The chocolate layer in the bar hit the spot and I didn’t feel guilty about having a dessert. 

On Wednesday when I was eyeballing the Halloween candy, I remembered I had another flavor to try and snagged a dark chocolate cherry and almond.  Technically I probably shouldn’t be eating these since they have chocolate and John would consider eating any type of chocolate as breaking the dessert rules but I get to refine the rules with the justification these are healthy.  The flavor was good and it did hit the spot as far as feeling like I was eating chocolate but the Dark Chocolate and Peanut Butter bar is my favorite.

The last flavor Mochadamia, since it is coffee flavor and I despise coffee, I gave to a co-worker on the condition he give me a review.

"Yes, I enjoyed the bars.  The bar was flavorful, there was just a hint of the mocha flavor; and I personally would have preferred a little more of the mocha flavor.  The texture was very good, slightly crunchy, but not so much that it made a lot of noise when you ate it.  I did like that the bar held together good and didn’t fall apart into a bunch of pieces.  The package held two bars and you needed to eat both of them, share one of them with someone else, or package the remaining bar back up, and hope it stayed fresh.   I would consider buying it on occasion. "

If you order directly from the site you get a box of 50 (you can freeze them) and with the shipping the cost is $2.25 per package (there are 2 servings per package).  I searched on the web for the bars and other sites were much more expensive (they had to put their markup on it I guess).

Overall these were really good and I only have half a bar left, which will probably be gone by the end of today.  Wander over to the goji bar website at and check it out.

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