Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Packing Nazi

On Friday I’m leaving for Medford, Oregon for a long weekend.  John’s parents moved there back in May and this is our second visit out there and we are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary.  The weather prediction is cold and rainy with the high between 47 and 51 depending on the day.   Oh, did I mention rain? Being from Phoenix I get cold easily.  If it “drops” into the 80’s, a sweatshirt is required.  Granted, a sweatshirt is generally all that is required all winter long.  A true winter coat doesn’t exist in my wardrobe.  So here is where the problem comes in.  I’m flying with the packing nazi and rule # 1  is all luggage is carry on.   Luggage must be carried on not only for ease of getting out of the airport quickly but because of the darn $25 per suitcase charge.   I consider myself low maintenance not needing a whole lot so that isn’t a problem in itself.   The problem is that I usually pack as much running clothes as I do normal clothes.  On this trip, with the cold weather, I have to pack layers of running clothes (remember I’m used to warm Arizona and running in the cold equates to wearing gloves and MAYBE a long sleeve shirt and tights).  I also have to pack a dress for dinner, which requires yet another pair of shoes.  I should also pack a rain coat and umbrella too.  So how do I fit all this stuff into one carry-on suitcase?

Thinking creatively to effectively pack or minimize what I bring, I can:

  •  instead of a dress at dinner I can wear a running skirt
  • stuff socks and underwear in my shoes
  • wear my running clothes (before I wear them and get them sweaty of course) as layers under my "normal" clothes
  • go shopping for clothes when I get there and leave some there for next trip
  • wear the same clothes all weekend, just change the scarf
  • leave all the makeup behind making room for more running clothes

I considered not running in Oregon but that really isn’t an option.  I only have 69 more miles to reach my 1000 miles and I am going to make it.  Last night I got home late and went out and ran 4 miles at 10pm, just to make progress towards the 1000 mile goal.   I have to work on my running schedule to determine exactly how many miles to run each day but I’m am going to run the 1000 miles!

Anyone else have to travel with a packing nazi?  Do you pack more running clothes that "normal" clothes when you travel?


Lisa said...

I am a HORRIBLE packer so I got nothing for you. Sorry. Good luck with completing your 1000 mile goal!

sneakersister said...

Do you have any fleece? That is great and lightweight and packable plus it keeps you very warm.

Definitely take some sort of wrap or scarf, that does an amazing job at warming you up, believe it or not.

I'd wear the same pair of pants (jeans more than likely) the entire time with just a change of top. I'd probably wear my running shoes and top on the plane on the way up and then re-wear something on the way back.

Have a great time! I love Oregon!

Running Through Life said...

Thanks for the encouraging words on my blog the other day.

I'm sure you will get your 1000 miles done while on vacation. I always over pack. My wife makes fun of me for it.

TMB said...

I love your determination to get to 1000! That was my goal too, but a foot injury had me taking the last 4 weeks off, so I'm going to be about 75 miles short ... Good luck packing! I always pack more running clothes than regular clothes

Jill said...

I'm the worst packer also; if you saw my suitcase after Tucson you'd cringe. I prayed it wouldn't get inspected at the airport.

You're so close to your 1000 mile marker - yahoooooo! You'll get it for sure!!

Have a great weekend! Stay warm ;).