Thursday, January 7, 2010

5 at 5

5 miles at 5am.  Neither one of those 5’s is a big deal by itself.  I get up often at 5am and often run 4 miles in the morning before work.  But to add an extra mile could require rushing around frantically in the morning.  At least in the winter the sweating stops after I stop running and I can jump in the shower shortly after getting back.  The reason I had to run in this morning rather than tonight is John got a fancy GPS for backpacking for Christmas and we are attending a free GPS intro class at REI tonight.  John now thinks that my Garmin GPS is petty, and he looked down on me when I said I was bringing my Garmin.   Granted he has not used his GPS NOR has he even taken it out of the box.  So much for being a cool Christmas gift.  To make sure it worked before we show up at class, I took it out of the box last night to put batteries in. 

Jumping out of bed when the alarm went off I quickly got ready and then I waited.  I tried to use the bathroom.  And then I waited some more. And I tried again. Nothing.  I had to go but my body wouldn’t cooperate. Finally, at almost 5:30 I had to head out the door for a very uncomfortable run.  Years ago I had a dog that I took to obedience school and we were instructed not to feed the dogs before class because exercise stimulates the body and makes them poop.  No one wants to clean up poop in the middle of obedience school but *it* happens. 

Like the dog, exercise increased my feeling of having to go but having left the house I was stuck.  Because I was essentially running late and I thought I would have to jump behind bushes I continued to negotiate with myself the distance to run.  I am thankful that I don't live in Florida and have to worry about what they find in their bushes on the side of the road.

I kept negotiating with myself on the mileage and didn't give in. Eventually I was at a point in the route that I would hit the 5 miles, unless I hitchhiked a ride back or was transported on a space ship back to the house.  Squeezing tight I ignored all the tempting bushes and made it all the way home to run straight into the bathroom.   And even though I made it home after 6am, I was still able to get ready for work and be ready to leave by 7am.  I rock!

Happy Running!


Carol said...

God bless regularity, that's what I say! I eat that worst tasting (high fiber) breakfast cereal known to mankind just to avoid this very situation. You handled it well!

(It reminded me of a run a few years ago where I ate lots of blueberries the night before and they were trying to "move through" during my run and I ended up stopping at a fire station to use their bathroom and had a fireman knocking on the door asking, "Are you alright?" Yep, regularity is a blessing - LOL!

Jamie said...

That is the absolute worst feeling on a run! Nice job on the 5 at 5 and still making it to work on time.

Running Through Life said...

That's impressive 5 at 5. I wish I could be so motivated to get going that early.

Anonymous said...

Lovely,,a simply lovely post. The visuals.....well, what more is there to say! I'm speechless.
You do what you have to do to get to 1,010!!

lindsay said...

lol. i have this problem way too often! it's like i'll go a couple months with regular-stomach/bowels pre-run. then i'll go a bunch of months where it's a gamble to run further than 1/2 a mile from the bathroom...

like this morning for example! on a road with no public buildings (gas station, etc), no bushes, and very few trees. i knocked on a random house's door at 7-something am on a cold saturday. good morning strangers! thankfully they let me use their restroom. whew.

glad you made it back safe. i hate having to go while out on a run!