Saturday, March 20, 2010

Poem - Choosing the Perfect Race Outfit

For my creative writing class we are doing poetry.  Initially I thought there is NO WAY I'll enjoy poetry.  I love it when I'm wrong.  I'm loving the poetry section.  We've had to write 8 poems and they are due next week.  Only one is running related so I'm sharing and asking for your feedback.  Is it a good use of the right word (as compared to any word).  Are there other descriptive words I should use instead? What do you like?  What do you dislike? The second poem is one I wrote afterwards thinking it would be funny to do a male perspective (or my feelings about the male perspective). I welcome all comments.

Choosing the Perfect Race Outfit: The Female Perspective
The night before the race, open up dresser that holds all your running clothes
Look through your running clothes and pull out the following:
One pair of shorts with a blue stripe on the side
One pair of blue socks
One black sports bra
One dark blue shirt
Carefully place these on the bed or the floor in the correct body position
Step back and observe
Picture self running amongst the sea of runners
Place pair of shorts back into dresser
Exchange for pair of black Capri tights
Gaze at blue shirt with puzzled look
Toss blue shirt on floor
Fling black sports bra on top of blue shirt
Choose cute, happy pink tank with built in bra
Picture self standing at start line shivering, hugging self for warmth
Locate old ratty sweatshirt that can be discarded
Glance frantically around for shoes
Snatch shoes from bottom of closet
Gently place shoes next to outfit
Pick up left shoe
Attach timing chip to shoe laces taking care to go through the right number of laces
Shake shoe to try and determine the bounce factor of the timing chip
Set shoes by socks at bottom of Capri’s
Gasp in horror at the blue socks not matching the pink tank top
Frantically search for pair of pink socks haphazardly throwing non pink socks aside
Locate the socks that match the shade of the pink top
Discard blue socks off to the side on the heap of other socks
Pin race number to front of pink top taking care to use the correct holes in the bib
Hold pink top with race number at arms length and ensure it's straight
Gaze off into the distance
Run into the bathroom
Pull open the drawer containing the selection of hair bands
Pull out a hair band and two Bondi Bands
Carry bands back into room with outfit
Set each one down next to outfit and look at color scheme
Choose the one with the same shade of pink
Look at watch
Wonder how you’ll ever sleep
Step back and look at ensemble
Smile happily at the cute, pink, perfect race outfit

Choosing the Perfect Outfit: The Male Perspective

Half hour before leaving for race
Roll out of bed
Pick up shorts from floor
Pull shirt out of laundry basket
Sniff underarms for odor
Shrug shoulders and pull shirt over head
Open drawer.
Take out two socks
Check that the two socks match
Grab newspaper and head into restroom
Complete restroom activity with 5 minutes to spare
Smile sheepishly at girlfriend pacing looking at watch
Comment on her cute, pink race outfit
Ask girlfriend to pin bib number on front of shirt
Insist that it the bib be straight
Head out door with shirt half tucked into shorts


MCM Mama said...

Great poem, but really, would the guy actually check to see that the socks match each other? I know my husband doesn't LOL.

MCM Mama said...
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Anonymous said...

haha great poem. and so true! i'm so indecisive when choosing a racing outfit. or any outfit really haha:)

Allie said...

Ha ha, right on the money except I do this a few days before and then change my mind again the night before and even reconsider the morning of.
Great post!

ajh said...

Love the two perspectives!

Anonymous said...

hahah awesome poems! Love the two perspectives, so true!

Anne said...

Those are great! Love that you put both perspectives :)

Katye said...

I love it!

sneakersister said...

Okay, that is excellent, except I think this line is wrong:

Comment on her cute, pink race outfit

It should read:

Forget to comment on her cute, pink race outfit


justagirl said...

GREAT contrast! LOL! :o)

Running Through Life said...

Great poems! I found the guy one very comical.

JT said...

Great stuff and dead on accurate! I'm going to send this to my wife, she will get a kick out of it, as your description fits her perfectly.