Sunday, March 28, 2010


It has been awhile since I've blogged about my running so here's an update.  For the first time in 3 weeks I ran more than 20 miles. One week was 4 and another was 8 miles.  Hmmmm, how did that happen?  Or why did that happen? Since the week after Ragnar Relay, I've had this quad thingy.  I gave it time off and I'm undecided how much it helped since it is still there after a run.  So I figured screw it, I'm going running 10 miles.  And I did.  And I ran 4 days this week. So there! And you know what, the quad thingy is no worse than before.  Its no better either.  I'm scared to use the "I'll run through it" mentality because it has back fired in the past. But if I don't run, life is just a little worse for me and right now its really stressful so I need the extra exercise.

You know what did pop up after my 10 miler run is my big toe shoots pain through my foot and stops me in my tracks.  I can be sitting doing absolutely nothing and pain will radiate from my big toe.  If there was an ugly feet contest I would win it or at least be a strong contender.  I have a giant callus on my toe and when I run a lot, it gets tender but it has never shot pain through my body.  I figure its all mental and my mind is probably distracting me from all the stressful things going on.

At my job I'm working on a project that has me dealing with some challenging people and the time lines are tight.  Part of my project is due April 7th and I'm worried I won't hit it.  One exciting part of the project is I'll be able to travel and I'm hoping to meet some bloggie friends and also spend a long weekend(s) with my boyfriend in some of the locations. I get to travel to the Carolina's, Houston, Northern California, Colorado, Florida and maybe Washington DC.  It will be a very busy summer but I'm looking forward to it.

I need to work on my next assignment for my creative writing which is to develop a character.  I intended to work on that this weekend but time flies so quickly.  And usually it flies so quickly that come Monday morning I'm frustrated at everything I didn't do.  Its not a great way to start the day so I need to make sure I focus on what I did accomplish.

I went to the Arboretum out in Superior, Arizona today and it was really nice.  The weather was awesome and the 1.5 mile loop through the grounds was a great walk.  There were many wildflowers and a ton of cacti.    When I get pictures from my dad or sister-in-law I'll post them. In the meantime, here's a picture of wildflowers from last weekends backpacking trip.

I totally take me comment back about having ugly feet. I just did a web search on ugly feet and mine are WAY prettier than some of the scary things I saw.  I love my feet, even if they aren't sandal ready, have a callus and dead skin from old blisters.  People have some scary, ugly feet and they are posted on the web.  How do you rank your feet in the 1-5 pretty scale (1 being so wonderful you should be a foot model)?  If you're at the high end of the not-so pretty range, (why don't you please wear closed toe shoes), do you care?  

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Happy Running!


Running Diva Mom said...

This is so funny because hubby and I were just talking about my icky feet. I would say I'm a 4, because I'm sure there are worse. But, I have bunions from wearing high heels all the time and pointy shoes. You'd think I'd learn, but they are so darn cute. My feet are constantly sore from that and then from running. Maybe I'll give them up someday? My feet are also very dry and scratchy from all the nylons I wear to work and I don't take care of my feet like I should. Embarrassign, but true.

Johann said...

Currently my feet are actually in good condition seeing I've been pushing the miles a bit. They were perfect after my recent marathon as well. So I'll have to rate them a 2. Compared to what they usually look like an easy 1! Good luck with the project.

ajh said...

I had a student ask me once what was WRONG with my feet. I think they are a 3. Could be worse for sure. Love the wildflower picture.

Burt said...

I know where you are coming from. I have been having this nagging pain in my upper calf-back of knee. I took time off, it got no better. I have been running a little, no better no worse. So I have decided to start slowly increasing my mileage. I figure if its gonna hurt either way, I may as well be doing what I love.

Kim said...

My feet are embarrassing. I have a problem with one of the joints in both feet which means that I run funny (toes turned out) and it creates callouses on the insides of my feet. I've had them for years, running or not, and they won't go away. I can cut them off now and again, but it's a PITA and then I get blisters when I run.

90% of the time, I just keep them "good enough" during the summer and while I wear sandals, I don't go showing my feet to anyone. I usually just assume people aren't looking and figure that most people who would care aren't really my friends anyway.

I give mine about a 3, provided I've done some upkeep on them recently (which I haven't at the moment, so I guess I'm more of a 4.5 right now...)

Katie A. said...

I can't believe you googled ugly feet! That is a receipe for disaster!! Great job on the run girly, whoo hoo!
My feet aren't usually all that awful, but lately they have been creeping up the ugly later - I'm probably a solid 3!

justagirl said...

You must be a mind reader! I have been looking at my feet lately and I have noticed these callouses (on both big toes, at the knuckle). I don't know when they developed, but it is bumming me out. I used to have pretty feet, but now I'm not so sure. Like you, I think I may just need a pedicure. So as of now, I think my feet rate 3 on the scale.

Great job on the 20 miles! Wow. I'm glad you got what you needed. I need to physically exert my stress too.

What part of Northern California are you coming to? :o)

shellyrm aka jogging stroller mama said...

I don't so much have ugly feet as I do have ugly toes! Since my ultra my two big toenails have been varying shades of red and purple. My pinkie toes are thinking about being light purple and my right foot second toe is half purple. I had been growing out damage from several marathons ago (since toe nails grow so slowly) and now I will probably lose my nails again. Yuck! But my feet look great if I just paint over my purple toe nails.

Nice job on your runs!

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

When will you be in Houston? It would be fun to meet at Memorial Park for a run!