Wednesday, April 7, 2010

On the Trail Again

I ran with the boys again on a trail run tonight at South Mountain.  I was 5 minutes late and didn't tell them I was coming so they didn't know to wait for me.  I pulled up and saw three figures running up the road.  Darn!  I threw my phone in the consol, grabbed my water, my key and sprinted after them. I got within yelling distance over half a mile later and started running with them.

There were three guys running and we came across two more guys from our club on the trail.  I was much more tired than last weeks trail run because of my initial sprint to catch up with the guys at the beginning.  I even got a break at  2 miles and 3 miles (turn around point) to catch my breath but I was still fatigued.   As the run went on I slouched more and didn't pick up my feet enough and started catching them on rocks.  I focused on picking up my feet to avoid falling (which I didn't).

Post run I climbed into my car, looked over and wouldn't you know it, my purse was sitting right there in the front seat.  In my haste, I never put it in the trunk and was extremely fortunate it was still there.  A couple weeks ago on my backpacking trip to the Superstitions our friends vehicle was broken into at the trail head and our wallets were stolen.   I'm so happy that my purse was safe since I left it in the open and next time, late or not, I need to be more careful.

Happy Running!


Running Through Life said...

I'm glad that you caught the group and your vehicle didn't get broken into! It is nice to run with a group but be careful.

Johann said...

I can't wait to run on the trails again (middle of May). Glad your purse was OK. We have that problem here in South Africa as well. Always everything in the boot.

Carrie said...

Thank goodness!