Thursday, May 6, 2010

Elevate Running Camp

Every year I wish I would go to a running camp.  As a kid I loved camp and winning flashlight wars until my batteries died out.  I remember the camp songs singing Derby Town

in Derby town
in Derby town
the streets are made out of glass
once you turn the corner
you fall right on your
hocus pocus, son of a locus, hum, diddly die, 
once you've been in Derby town you feel the same as I.

I have dreams of attending a running camp where I can run freely on the trails and be outside with nature.  Spending all day thinking about running, learning about running and hey, even actually running.  I imagine reaching levels of running that I've never managed before.  Each year comes and goes and I always say maybe some year I'll go.  This year Coach Dean is doing a running camp for adults and yet I sit in the same limbo of wanting to go but not committing.  
The running camp for adults is over a long weekend starting on Thursday through Sunday in July.  It says it will be packed with up to three workouts, not necessarily all running workouts, classroom sessions, individual assessments all away from the heat of the Phoenix sun up in Flagstaff, Arizona.   It includes room and board and heck, maybe there are even cheesy camp songs too.

He also has a high school program too.  If you're interested in an adult running camp for yourself or a high school running camp check out Elevate Running Camp.  Maybe I'll decide to go and see you there and I'll teach you the next verse about Derby Town where two men were digging a well.

Have you ever went to a running camp?  What would you look for in a running camp?


Johann said...

I’ve never been to a running camp because most running camps here in SA are for the top runners only. I’d like to see camps that cater for the “normal” runners as well.

Ewa said...

Running camp sounds like fun. For some reason I never really looked for one that would be good fit for me. That would mean lots of trails, not too fast (gosh, I am slow), people of all kinds of ages, good, organic food.

Kim said...

I SO want to go to a running camp. My friend was trying to get me to go to Jeff Galloway's Tahoe Retreat this year. Alas, I am a scuba diver, too, and I spend all of my vacation time on that hobby. Running has to be done on the weekends.

Katie A. said...

I've never been to running camp, but like you I dream of going. But, I also like to race and travel, so for me to spend any extra money on running than I already do would overwhelm me with guilt! LOL!
I wish I could go...maybe, someday :) You should go though! And give us a full report!
BTW, nice job in the 10K - don't beat yourself up! You did great without any speed work ;)

Kiesha said...

Oh, a running camp would be wonderful! Someday...

I'll look for your team during Ragnar. Definetly let me know your starting time. Do you know what runner you are?

My team is Victorious Secret and I'm runner #1. I'm getting so pumped for it!

Carrie said...

I think you should just take the plunge and go for it!

Anonymous said...

You should do it! I wish I could go to one. It's pretty much impossible since I'm a stay-at-home mom and primary care taker while my husband works full time. I bet you would come out of camp with a ton of knowledge. What makes you hesitate?