Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Running Question Challenge - What top three things do you do to pass the time while running?

What top three things do you do to help pass the time while running?  
I'm going to make this a little tougher by excluding listen to music.  And two of the three things need to be different than generic "thinking". You can list the things all the things you think about on the same line, ie think about work, think about what to have for dinner, think about you dressing your brother baby up in doll clothes (sorry bro...I thought it was funny).  If you want though, you can do list than three things and then include more "thinking".

  1. If running fartleks by time or even distance, I'm watching the watch to see how many minutes/distance before the next phase starts.   Usually I'm wondering when the rest phase starts as compared to wanting to start the fast part again.
  2. I count my steps, usually my left steps and if I'm really struggling with a run and I'm counting, I'll count in German. Why left steps you wonder?  Well,  I started counting my left steps years ago when trying to get rid of a side stitch.  So now when I count steps its automatically my left steps.  I'll count steps to help distract me.
  3. I'll focus on my form.  If I'm slouching, I'll imagine a string attached to the back of my head pulling my body and helping me straighten it.  I'll try and pick up my feet or unclench my hands.
  4. I'll plan about what to post in my blog and future topics.
  5. I'll figure where my mileage is for the week, think about my next long run, think about my next race.
Happy Running!


ajh said...

1. I count when I am tired to make the time go faster and not be thinking.

2. I count to make myself pick up the pace for a certain number, this tends to be a race.

3. I think about what I will put in my blog but believe me I don't always remember what I planned to write!

misszippy said...

Since many of my runs are with my fantastic running partners, I chat with them--great conversations! I also like running by myself--taking in the scenery, listening to my surroundings, and just enjoying the freedom that running delivers. I'm a bit of a zen runner, I guess.

Black Knight said...

I enjoy the landscape counting all the animals I meet. For the birds only the breed of course.

Jamie said...

1) On long runs I try to do math. I get all screwed up and realize a mile or two has passed
2) Check my garmin to see if my pace is really as bad as I think it is
3) watch the kiddies play soccer along all the parks I pass or people watch along the beach if it's a longer run

Chris said...

This is probably cheating, but I listen to podcasts alot. Technically, that's not music. I also....

1) Continually checking my form, especially making sure I land mid foot

2) Think about what to blog about

3) Think about relaxing my muscles completely

4) Watch the surfers

Johann said...

My answer is a bit long so i posted it on my blog. Like the question!

Just_because_today said...

when I am doing track which I hate with passion (but continue to do), as I turn on my last 200 meters, I count seconds, always trying to go slower in my mind so that I'll be surprised when the lap is over.
If it's a long tedious run, I do write in my head. I have conversations I may never have in real life.
If it's a 5K, I can't think, all i do is feel pain and hate myself for signing up for that horrible experience

Kiesha said...

1 - Fartleks for sure. I usually use telephone poles for my markers.

2 - Create new running routes in my head.

3 - Visualize a race and try to outrun the person coming up from behind. Weird I know...but it works.

Ed said...

Very nice... removing the ipod / multiple thoughts... now I actually need to think. HAHA!

1. Try to avoid the cracks on the sidewalk - hot lava, hot lava!

2. Use my mind to trick my body into thinking we're ALL going to rest at the NEXT stop sign.

3. Get my form and breathing under control... both help bring my mind elsewhere while running and also contribute to longer, better, more enjoyable runs.

Kim said...

You know, if the run is really bad, I spend time doing math - figuring out what percentage of time I have left, for example. Or fractions.

Totally weird though, as I hate math and I do it really slowly, so by the time I'm done I have more math to do. So, I guess it works out.

Giorgio said...

While I'm running I always think:

1. my family;
2. what I have to do the day
after at work;
3. improve the training;
4. watch environment, landscape and

I hope you'll have a nice running weekend!

The Green Girl said...

If I'm feeling especially tired, I will:

[1] Focus on passing the cracks in sidewalk, trees, whatever is around me

[2] Focus on my breathing - trying to breathe from the diaphragm

[3] Think of my niece