Sunday, August 29, 2010

South Carolina Swamp

Having zero swamps out in Arizona, John and I took advantage to do something different and signed up for a kayak trip through a swamp by Charleston with Nature Adventures. When given the choice of a 2 hour or 3 hour trip, we chose 3 hours to see more of the swamp. Little did I realize that 3 hours meant more paddling. Our trip started off downstream and we floated along talking about the trees, the birds, flowers, butterflies and alligators.  The down river was soon going to change.

Notice the map and the turns in the river.  Being runners you can instantly recognize the extra mileage created with each of the turns. More than half the trip was all up stream and my arms were screaming at me.

I paddled constantly to try and keep up with John and the guide. Occasionally they would stop and rest; let me catch up and then off they went again. The guide had us paddle the tangents, not only for the shorter distance but also the current is weaker on the inside turns.
John and the guide bringing the kayaks to the creek

There's an alligator in the water on the left.

Since I still have a sore foot from having the warts burned off my heel and I'm not running, I was happy for the cross training. It was a great trip but a lot of work. Tomorrow I'll run again and focus on getting ready for my half in November.


Ewa said...

This looks like total fun but alligators scare me.
We had a kayaking trip in Tomales Bay, CA scheduled for yesterday but it got postponed till Tue due to high winds.
Do you think it is too late to condition my arms?

Adrienne said...

That sounds like a ton of work. I bet your arms are buff! Reminds me of camp when everyone would stop and rest while I caught up then when I got there everyone was off again. What happened to my rest :)! Hope your foot heals soon.

Adam said...

Eesh, I hope you brought the bug spray!

Johann said...

That looks great! I’m sure your arms will feel this for a few days. Good luck with your half marathon training.
BTW, the backpack I use doesn’t bounce at all. It fits perfectly and the bottom folds under my hydration pack. It took some trial and error runs to perfect this.

Katie A. said...

How very cool! But what the heck!? Alligators in the water??? You are brave and I'm a chicken - wouldn't have sat in that water if you paid me! LOL!

Evolving Through Running said...

That looks like a lot of fun. One of the more interesting cross-training options I've seen.

Andrew Opala said...

The local club we have here have two-person kayaks ... unfortunately it means the guy in the front does the work, and whenever he looks back - gets splashed!

Looks like an interesting trip ... probably worth a look see when I am down there.

The Green Girl said...

Wow. I went kayaking for the first time yesterday and we only kayaked for an hour - hats off to you for your bravery and endurance!