Thursday, September 2, 2010

Two Great Workouts

You know you've had a really great workout when your legs are sore the next day.

On Tuesday night I went to the track where we ran 10x400's with a 200m walk.  I wanted to run them in 1:45's (7 min pace).  My first one was 1:46 and was a couple seconds behind the group. The next one, I ran with the group and we did a 1:36.  I thought TOO FAST.  I can't maintain that for all 10.  The next 400 was faster yet. I ran the next 6 400's between 1:32 -1:36. Fatigue swooped in and I dropped to 1:38's and a final one, trying as hard as I could at 1:39. While I could be bummed with the pace slippage, I've never run that fast and I beat my original goal by almost 10 seconds on many of the laps.

Going into my Thursday hill workout my quads were still sore from the track workout.  We started in Tempe, ran along the non-existent, sludge, Tempe Town Lake with one minute pickups, crossed the bridge to A Mountain where we bounded up the hill 6 times for 20 seconds. After the hills, we ran back with two more pickups, for about 4 miles total running. I felt slow on my pickups but didn't worry about pushing too hard.  I was running one of my favorite workouts and that's all that mattered. Hopefully I'll be a little sore tomorrow too after this workout.  It means that I really did something.

What is your last workout that left you sore?

Happy Running!


Ewa said...

I can't remember... my injury kept me from any decent running for a long time now. But I am hoping to get sore really soon.

Mark said...

Awesome 400's!!!

Andrew Opala said...

They all leave me sore - I'm 45

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

That's some speedy running! Sounds hard, but fun! Hmm...I can't remember either!

Johann said...

Great workouts, well done! I was sore after my last long trail run 2 weeks ago. I love that sore feeling.

Adam said...

That is so awesome!!!! I emailed you a bit ago about the run this weekend :( Let me know if you want to hook up next weekend or something.

Giorgio said...

Great Workout Christina!
I sometimes get sore after speedy running and hard workout, considering that I'm 49.

Thanks for your comment about Muslim women who can't run.
Have a nice week.