Sunday, October 17, 2010

Weekly Wrap Up

Weekly Wrap-Up - The week ended as a good running week. I hit my 1010 miles for my 2010 goal and tomorrow I can register for Boston!  Next weekend I'm running Ragnar so there are a lot of good things going on with my running.  On the non-running side I did my first eviction of a tenant and it was announced that the sister business of my company in Denver was shutting its doors and the work coming to our Phoenix office.  I'm saddened that those people are losing their jobs and yet thankful I still have mine.

Monday-  4ish mile hike out of the Grand Canyon. 
Tuesday-  4 mile easy run.  Legs were sore and my pirformist  (sp) muscle were sore from the hike.
Wednesday- 4.5 mile run.  A little faster and felt springier
Thursday- 6 mile at 8:30 pace.
Friday -  off
Saturday- 15 mile long run averaged 8:33. Ran a minute hard, one minute rest the last mile-ish
Sunday- 6 mile goal paced run.  After my warmup ran each mile under 8 avg 8:03(incl warmup). Now the I change my goal for my half in 3 weeks.  The most I've run as a goal paced run is 5 miles. Can I hold it for 13.  I need to get some longer goal paced runs in to make that decision.

Total Miles 35.96 (I'm surprised to see I still got in this many miles this week. I thought it was less.)

Eating:  yeah, can you say brownie and raw cookie dough?

Core: ummmmm.  Doesn't carrying a backpack count?

Goals for next week: This is tough because I have Ragnar and am not sure what I want to do for my goal for the half marathon.
  • Chai tea 3 times (or less) Really, this one is tough for me and with the nice fall mornings I want a chai (heck I want one every day)
  • Run a tempo run and a speed workout.  
  • No sweets until Ragnar and then moderation (and I get to define moderation.)
  • Core one day
Here's me in front of Boobie Rock on the Esplanade


Sarah Heinle said...

Congratulations on crossing off an amazing accomplishment on your list. I'm sorry to hear about Denver closing it's doors. (That makes me sad for many reasons. Those employees will be in my prayers.) Many hugs!!

Ron said...

Ragnar Las Vegas woohooo! Look for the runners on raggae wigs. Say hi!!