Saturday, November 27, 2010

Black Knight Army - Virtual Race

Weeding out the weak and meek, the legendary black knight , hosted a virtual race open to all who dared to challenge.  The requirements were simple yet only the strong would survive.  The armor consisted of heavy chain mail in black and swords disguised as camera's. The run, which would prevent an uprising of the little people against the crown, would traverse the hills, the rocks and the sahuaro cactus.

First, the equipment testing had to occur. The self timer on the camera sword was tricky yet not too much for me to solve the puzzle.  Next, the poses to show the meanness of the newest member of the black knights army. Even Sundae the cat insisted on being involved with this historic moment.

The race started outside of the castle and headed to the mountain preserve. On the way a mailbox labeled AIRMAIL stood up high, ready to catch mail that came through the air.

The terrain was rough going and I realized I was forging my own trail.  The sign revealed all.  I must find the rest of the army.  Onward!

The course scenery

The saguaro cactus's peppered the landscape

Someone has propped up the cactus trying to survive. Someone even stuck a dried apricot to help feed it.

The one and only waterstop was halfway through the race course.

In the canal on the way back towards the finish the ducks hung out.  This duck, with it's duck fro, was not like all the other mallards out there.

The race course was long and the race director should be fired!  However, considering how much fun I had running along and taking pictures along the way, she can keep her job. One hour exactly.

Long Live the Black Knight!


The Green Girl said...

These virtual race reports are more fun to read than real ones!

I loved the dried apricot - that cracked me up!

Ashland Dave said...

very interesting!

runningwithababyonboard said...

hilarious! man... i want to join the black knight army if it means i get to run with such beautiful scenery! :)

Black Knight said...

Thank you for the mention and the virtual race. You won a bloody battle challenging the enemy in the desert too. I like a lot the "barrack" where you took the beautiful pictures while wearing the black armor.

Pretend this is real said...

Awesome pictures! Looks like a great place to get in runs.