Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Year in Pictures

2010 was a great running year and for the most part injury free.  Including my new years eve run tonight, I'll have run almost 1290 miles. That's my most ever.  I ran 15 races from 5K to marathon distances and 4 Ragnar Relay races.  Thanks for being great bloggie friends and encouraging me and supporting me through the year.
February - Qualified for Boston in 3:44:02
Backpacking in the Superstition Mountains
February - Ragnar Del Sol

May - Sky Diving
Had 2 sleepless nights camping with my brothers youth group...oh the drama!
June- Somer exchanges with me at Wasatch Ragnar
Running Challenge Questions gets me and other bloggers thinking and sharing
ARR Summer Series - 5 races in the heat of the summer

June- Elevate Running Camp in Flagstaff
Business Trip to the Carolina's and meeting Lesley, fellow blogger
October - Ragnar Las Vegas
The Best Race in the World with the Black Knight
Running the Women's Half Marathon just to get a cool medal and a PR too
Hiking the Grand Canyon - North Rim
November - Florida Central Ragnar
Hiking the Grand Canyon - South Rim

Lazy Bones Wine
Happy New Year and Happy Running!


Beth said...

looks like a wonderful year, here's to an even better 2011. Happy new year!!!

Johann said...

Great review of a great year! All the best for 2011!

Elizabeth said...

Love visiting your city, here is to a great and wonderful 2011. Love the year in pictures you really accomplished a lot.

Jamoosh said...

That's an awesome 2010. Now for your next trick...

Giorgio said...

Congrats for your adventures! I am looking forward to your blogging in 2011!

Natalia said...

Great review, and am looking forward to reading about your adventures in 2011!

Black Knight said...

Great review and wonderful idea for a post. Thank you for the mention, you are always very kind.

Ewa said...

Wish you that 2011 brings more wonderful picture opportunities with smiles and happiness.

lindsay said...

running camp - so cool! and so many ragnar's. i'm doing my first in a week (the keys! yay).

happy, fast, & healthy new year!

Adam said...

LOVE all of the pictures. I'm still a bit jealous of you going to that running camp. Probably not in the budget this year, but someday...