Friday, January 28, 2011

Running Challenge Question-Why do you have a running blog?

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Why do you have a runnning blog?
Bloggers have different reasons for having a blog. My blog started off as a chronicle of my running and my journey to run a Boston qualifing marathon. Looking back over the last two years, I have any awesome running scrapbook of my runs and races; I may even use one of the websites to make a book out of my blog to add to my scrapbooks. Some days my blog helps me sort out my own feelings or keeps me along the straight and narrow path for my goals.  By putting it out there in writing for all to see puts more pressure on me and helps me.  I've also discovered along my bloggie path that I want to help other runners.  Maybe they can learn something from my good runs and bad runs too. Maybe I can inspire them to get out there and start that run they are dreading. Maybe I can teach someone something about running that makes them a better runner.  So my question to you, is why do you blog?

Happy Running!


Johann said...

I started my blog because I wanted to share my running passion and experiences with everyone. The blog makes this possible without killing the poor souls close to me at home and work. I've always had a love for writing and sharing my thoughts. I also get a lot of motivation from the blog and all the people I know via blogland. I really enjoy blogging. To me it's an outlet of my excitement over my passion for running.

Adrienne said...

I'm glad you blog Christina, your blog is one of the first I discovered and what lead me to running camp and introduced me to the running blog world so thanks for that.

I think I blog to sort my running (and life) out and get feedback, can't always do that in real life conversations. Plus the support is great. Non runners don't understand the support needed and so I don't get that from them. It's a win win.

Love to read about others trials and triumphs too, it's inspirational.

Ewa said...

I started my blog as a personal journal of my running/fitness journey. Finding connection with people who inspire, struggle or just share similar interests keeps me going.

Rob said...

Accountability and as a personal, convenient running log

Giorgio said...

Great question Christina!
first of all, having a blog improves our motivation. We can compare our running adventures.

Moreover, we can share informations about running. In this perspective, I've learnt a lot of running drills. For example, Before I had had my blog I didn't know what a tempo run is. Five years ago I gave up playing football. So, I began to run when I was 44. Since 2006 I've read running blogs.

I really love reading running blogs! My blogging friends sometimes write interesting reports about their running adventures. They describe running paths, weather conditions and time taken. But they wrote their pre-race breakfast, landscapes and environs too. They describe what they thought while they were crossing the finish line!

while I was following running blogs from other countries I discovered that wonderful blogger community :)

Jim ... 50after40 said...

I started mine so I would have a record of my training, and so my family and close friends could see what I was up to. I've never been a social media guy - I'm not a facebooker - but the social aspect of it is really cool. It's a great way to communicate, be goofy, and share movtivational thoughts with others who pursue the same passions as yourself. I just started, but I dig it!

Abby said...

Great question, and one that I've thought about a lot over the past few months.

I started blogging because I missed creative writing. I've kept blogging because I like reliving my/our adventures, and I love connecting with other people who are as crazy as I am...

Andrew Opala said...

Great post ... where I get to talk about my favorite subject: my blog.

Just kidding.

I blog to give others a chance to critique my ideas and to help me be a better runner. And I read other blogs to learn how to be a better runner.

(P.S. please join our 2-minute Burpee contest: here)

Marci said...

I think I blog for the comraderie and support from the online running community - my non-running friends get bored with me talking about running all of the time.
I also enjoy writing, I feel a sense of stress relief when I write and when I read other blogs. Great post!

Black Knight said...

Beautiful question and ... many answers:
- to keep in touch with friends from all over the world;
- to share the experiences;
- to stay motivated to run;
- to "have" a story of my running life.
To record my trainings I use the RWs log book.
Thank you again for the shirt, I made you a mention on my last post.

lindsay said...

very similar... i started blogging to essentially journal my runs. i also was talking about running all.the.time so josh (boyfriend then, husband now) said "why don't you start a blog". i think he wanted me to stop talking about it so much... well blogging just leads me to talking about it more :)

anyway, i blog about my daily runs and races although it's grown as my friendships with other bloggers has and i sidetrack into random bits of my regular life too. i definitely enjoy reading about others running (daily/racing/life in general) and encouraging others when i can!

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Thanks for blog hopping to my blog! Great question: My running partner encouraged me to begin blogging to journal and learn from others. I am addicted!

It's a great support network!