Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Sprint Through Bloggie Land

Here's some interesting links I've found.....some running related and some non-running ones too.

Sand Animation Video (Goulet Pens)
Running Every Day Video Discussion (Coach Joe and Coach Dean)
My Christmas Run -poem (Runner Dude)
Shaving Time - (Seeking Boston Marathon)
Apparatus Status (Jamoosh)
Paralympian Gets Her Legs Back  (IOL Sport)

If you see a good article or want to include one of your blog posts, let me know.

Happy Running!


GISrunner said...

Thanks for the the uplifting comment on my blog. Your comments always make me re-think my own harsh criticism of myself & I sincerely appreciate that!

Lesley said...

Great idea for a post! Thanks for sharing! :)

Happy New Year!

Giorgio said...

I really enjoyed "Running Every Day Video Discussion" which you posted. Interesting post Christina!

Thamks for your comment on my blog about aerobic training zone!

Have a nice training!