Sunday, January 9, 2011

Weekly Recap - 14 weeks till Boston

In case you didn't know, potato skins are bad for the garbage disposal and plumbing in general.  While I don't believe it was completely the potato skins fault, it was the final straw...or skin, should I say. I usually throw them in the garbage but this time I decided to put them in the disposal....after all, isn't what disposals are for?  Yes, I ran water afterwards (the rule as I'm told is as long as you run the disposal, the water must remain on for equally as long).  No, the food wasn't in the pea trap, that would be so easy.  Yes, we did the hose through the pipe holding or standing on rags over the drains and vents.  We even blew out the clean-out value twice requiring a new fitting.  Roto rooter will be here on Monday morning and the good thing is I got dinner out last night.

Despite a small cold last week, I had a great running week.  On my long run today though I decided I'm going backwards in the weight loss and need to record what I'm eating to make progress.

Weekly Wrap-Up

Monday- 6.7 mile goal pace run to the bank and back
Tuesday-  track workout 800,600,600 x2 at 5K pace. 
Wednesday- lazy bones resting
Thursday- Tempo Run.  I kept a consistent pace, just under goal.  Now, I need to increase the goal time

Friday - Lazy bones resting except for peeling potatoes and running the garbage disposal
Saturday- Freeze Your Thorns Off 5K This race put on by Adam was so much fun. 

Sunday- 18 mile long run in 2 hours, 38 minutes. I was nervous running this since last weeks race/long run took so much out of me.  I kept my beginning pace slower and towards the end strived for goal pace. I also focused on lifting my feet more.  I took a spill at yesterdays 5k and John said I sometimes shuffle when I run so I'm trying to lift my feet.

Total Miles 39.43

Eating: B-.  Chips and salsa and margaritas don't fit well into a healthy eating plan but they are so good. 3 chai tea latte's and I think I'll make myself one after I'm done with my blog.  I figure if I've already missed my goal of 2 chai's then I can just start again next week and enjoy one more this week.

Core: B.  Managed to do monster walks and mountain climbers once.  I need to add planks and at least another day in

Goals for next week: 
Chai tea lattes - twice
Log my food 
2 days of core
South Mountain Hill on Thursday.

Happy Running!


Andrew Opala said...

awesome paces!

Black Knight said...

I see you are working hard following a good program.
The pace is very fast and I am sure that you are making a good job.

LookingUpAgain said...

Our potato skins go to our Doggie-disposal. He doesn't "clog" up as easily and absolutely loves potato skins! And carrot shavings...and veggies in general. Odd dog. He doesn't get them all the time, just when I drop them on the floor accidentally when prepping for dinner.

Thanks for the motivating advice :)

Ewa said...

We are extending our garbage disposal life by composting. Works wonders.
Boy you are fast. - Envy here.

Ewa said...

To answer you composting question. We have a bin on the side of the house. I used to go overboard trying keep the compost hot by stirring it but now I got lazy and let nature do its job. During the summer when there are more grass clippings it gets nicely hot and decomposes pretty fast.
Another thing I used to do was worm composting but I think here in CA it gets just too hot for little buggers to survive in smallish containers. Worms are great if space is limited and they make compost fast.

Teamarcia said...

What a great training week! I am with you on the food--I too need to journal and crack down once and for all.

Adam said...

NICE! 40 miles in a week with a 5K race is DEF not lazy bones at all. Nice work out therE!